Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are in full "get the house ready for R&R" mode around here!

R&R is getting so close and we are so excited!!!  BUT before J comes home there are a few things that MUST be taken care of those items is the kids playroom.  Because the playroom is in the basement, I do not pay it that much attention.  It is closed off from the rest of the house and most of the time no visitors ever see it.  Therefore I have neglected it BIG TIME...wanna see:

So the kids and I waged war in the playroom.  I shared the above picture on facebook and commented that if no one hears from me in a couple hours to send in a rescue squad...I was only partially kidding.  I laugh now thinking that I actually believed it would only take a couple hours.  Nope, try 2 days.  The kids and I cleaned/organized/ and donated items in this playroom for 2 days.  I was very grumpy doing it.  BUT the end result is a nice clean/organized room...wanna see:

 Glad to have this marked off the To-Do list!  Whew!
Now, to keep it this way till J gets home for R&R.

Still so much to I am off to tackle the remaining items on my list ...
 haircut and color (for the first time since March) - CHECK
accessories for my dress - going today!  yay!
clean house
wash cars

What does everyone else do to prepare for R&R ???


Nancy said...

You might deserve some wine after this, my sweet friend :)

Our Little Fam said...

WOOOO!!! yay for upcoming R&R!! Good job mama! =)

Kayla Sue said...

R&R will do you some good after that project! If I posted photos of our messy house on the internet, I'm pretty sure someone would have a heart attack :)

Kayla Sue said...

Good thing you have r&r to look forward to after that project! If I posted pics of my messy house on the internet I'm sure someone would have a heart attack :)

The Allen Family said...

how wonderful to have a basement for the playroom!!!! i always say... out of sight, out of mind! i THINK if we had a basement, i could just let it be, too! sounds like a little bit of freedom to me :)