Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun...and some not so much fun...

Today started off as such a fun day :) Jack got to wear his red Power Ranger costume to school. His class celebrated with a Halloween Party. Jackson had so much fun...he only ate his cupcake and cookie, so you can imagine the sugar high he was on (oh don't you love Halloween candy???)
Once we got home Jackson started acting a little mopey and whiny. I thought it was just a sugar crash...wrong. See Madeline had a stomach and fever virus this week and sure enough Jackson has it now. I just knew it was going to hit before his school party and he would miss out, so when he had not had it yet I thought we were in the home stretch...wrong again. This afternoon Jackson was not himself at all so I took his temp. and sure enough, fever. Wouldn't you know. So a dose of meds and off to sleep he went. I decided we would just hang in tonight and pass out candy. I dressed Madeline up as Raggedy Ann (ok..she would not wear the red hair) and she and I passed out candy. We had 3 trick or treaters all night...oh well. Hope everyone else has had a safe and fun night!

Jackson the red Power Ranger and Samuel the Transformer

How cute is this??? Jackson's feet are a bat :)

Here are the buddies: Chloe the Princess, Jack the Power Ranger, and Samuel the Transformer

Jackson eating a yummy cupcake.

Madeline sitting on the pumpkin :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thoughts at 8 1/2 months...

I have sat here at the computer off and on all day today trying to decide whether to share this or not. The other day a friend commented to me that I have not posted a blog in a while. I have posted (technically) they have mostly been updates in pictures. But I knew what she meant. She enjoyed the pictures, but wanted to know why I have not posted a as she put it "Jessica" blog. She asked if I was doing ok and the tears came flooding. After the tears, it got me thinking...thinking about the other things I have been neglecting lately. I have not blogged, not exercised (blamed on being too cold outside for the kiddos, but really I just had no desire to walk), and worst of all I have not been keeping myself in the word.
I would like to share my journal entry on Oct 13...

Been a long time since I've journaled. Lots of reasons...tiredness, distractions, lack of desire...The tiredness and distractions are to be expected right? I am home alone 24 hours a day/7 days a week with a 4 year old and a 22 month old who never stop. Tiredness is my new normal. Same with distractions. Anyone with children should be able to understand that right? Hard to focus...when you can focus BOOM someone needs something. By the time you take care of what everyone else needs then the day is over and all energy is zapped from me. So it seems that there is always a million things to be done and I never know which way to turn first. Tiredness and be expected right? But lack of desire? Where is this coming from? Why? I love quiet time...I long for those AHA! moments in my quiet time. I love the way the Holy Spirit reveals himself to me in those quiet why do I have a lack of desire right now??? Is it the daily struggles of life, depression, self pity, laziness, distractions, the list could go on and on...

So that was wrote on Oct. 13, things have gotten better (sort of) I finally put the kids in Mom's Day Out. I really struggled about this, but decided that it was the best thing for all 3 of us...and you know what??? It has been. Madeline walks in the place like she owns it and Jack's teacher is his pre-school teacher so he is right at home in there. The first few times the kids went, I really did not know what to do with myself...I never have free time. I found myself scheduling things, trying to get everything done. I was not feeling anymore accomplished than before I dropped them off. You have to understand that my mind is still in overdrive...thinking of all the things that I need to get done. This seems to be worse at night. I am so exhausted by the time I get the kiddos in bed...I mean pure and utter exhaustion. Oh I know sleepless nights and long days...been there done that when the kids were newborns or were sick or were teething...but this exhaustion is like nothing I have experienced before. It is a tiredness that causes every part of my body to ache. So you would think that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I would be fast asleep right? wrong...I just lay in bed and think of all the things I was not able to finish leaving that much more to be done the next day. It is a never ending cycle. So why 8 1/2 months into this deployment is this as hard as it was the first month? Why am I so fatigued? Is this normal? I am curious if there are any other army wives reading this blog who have or are experiencing these same feelings.

I have been able to keep things in routine and on track for the past 8 1/2 months, but now I truly feel myself drowning...It is so hard to keep everything "normal" (whatever that is) for the kids. A friend pointed out to me that I am a single parent and I am not designed for that (thank you Katy for the wisdom) I am not designed for that at all...yet here I am. Please don't take my complaining as a lack of faith, because it is not at all. I completely trust God to guide me and strengthen me during this time. It just is overwhelming at times...but I need those moments...those moments when I feel I have no control so that I am reminded of the One who is in control!

So in an attempt to slow down (Ha!) I have taken up sewing again. (thank you Aimee for getting me back at it) See, I have not sewn since Jack was a baby. That was nearly 4 years ago when I group of us met on Friday's and were taught by Lisa how to sew. I made a few jon-jon's for Jack then quit. I have always had the desire to pick it back up, but just could not ever seem to find the time. Well, I made the time this past Tuesday. I made Madeline a baby is soon to be 2 and I am just now making her a dress. I had so much fun doing it...well its not done, I am still trying to figure out the crazy button hole (Aimee you may have to come back for another lesson)...but it is almost there. I went to the store and got more fabric so that next Tuesday I can make something else. I can see myself easily getting carried away and I have lots of plans and ideas...see my mind is always in overdrive.

This is the dress that I made Madeline...the fabric will be my next creation...I am thinking the flowers a top and the stripes for pants with a flower ruffle...what do you think???

Many of you have asked about Jason and always share with me that you are praying for him. Thank you so much for that! Jason is doing ok...all things considering...He said that they finally got rain where he is at...first time he has seen rain since he has been there. I hope that the rain brought some relief from the heat.

Well, I think I have rambled long enough....

counting the days until R&R,

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today, Jack's school had a Pumpkin Patch. It was scheduled to be outside, but due to the much needed rain we are having it was moved to the Fellowship Hall. Jackson had a blast decorating his pumpkin, eating a snack, and listening to the story :)

Madeline and me at the Jack's Pumpkin Patch

Jack and me at the Pumpkin Patch

Jack is busy decorating his pumpkin.

A Jack sandwich :) Jack and his buddies Chloe and Samuel...friends are the greatest!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Trip To The Fire Station

Today was Jackson's 1st ever Field Trip to the Fire Station! He had a blast! He got to meet some firefighters, sit inside the fire truck, see where 911 calls come in, watch a video on fire safety, tour where the firefighters sleep, and best of all HE SLID DOWN THE POLE! (this really surprised me...I did not think he would do it) Jackson had such a great time at the fire station! He has been talking about it all morning...and giving me all kinds of fire safety tips :) I am so glad he was paying attention.

Anniston Fire Station...thank you fire fighters for taking the time to educate our children!

Class picture beside the firetruck.

Jackson slid down the pole :)

Way to go Jackson!

Ms. Betsy's class...look how cute they are in their fire hats.

Class picture with Sparky the Dog.

The kids just loved Sparky the Dog.

Jackson was not going to take his eyes off the fire fighter.

Waiting for a firefighter to come down the pole.

Madeline and Claire...they were not as excited about the tour as the big kids were :)

Jackson inside the fire truck.

Another picture beside the firetruck.

Jackson and Chloe, how sweet are they?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Reunion and 5 Years...

The Family Reunion:
Yesterday we (the kids, my mom, and I) went to Chattanooga for a Family Reunion. The kids had a blast! Jackson played football with his cousin, and Madeline...well she ran, she climbed, and she ate (A LOT!) At one point she was found hiding behind a cooler eating a plate of fudge. It was a great day, very long, but great.

Jack playing football with his cousin Michael.

Jack really enjoyed playing with Michael.

This is my aunt Judith...and no we did not plan on dressing alike :)

Meme (my mom) playing with the kids.

Meme somehow became the designated pusher on the swings.

Madeline and Papa.

Me with Melissa. Her mom and my mom are cousins so I guess that would make us cousins?

Me with Karen. Karen is Melissa's mom. Karen and my mom are cousins.

Jackson taking a break from playing football in order to play with the remote control motorcycle.

Madeline going for a walk with Aunt Judith.

5 Years:
Today marks the 5th anniversary of our church. 5 years ago today we had our very first corporate worship. A chance for a body of believers to come together and worship. I was reflecting on how it all began earlier. It is just incredible to see the hand of God in all this. We went from meeting in a living room, to a meeting room at the City Meeting Center, then God providing us a church in Jacksonville, to now our beautiful new church on McClellan. We had our very first meeting in our new church this morning ( how incredible it was to be held on our 5th anniversary). The building is just amazing, but it is not a building that makes us a church. It is the incredible people that make it a church. I am so grateful for the leadership and fellowship of our church. It is so amazing to watch and experience the graciousness of our church. There has been many trials and sufferings in our church and through every event I have witnessed a group of believers pour out prayer, love, and support on those in the midst of a storm. Not only that, but I have seen a church that did not let the cost of restoring a new building deter them from helping those who need it. Just amazing!
The kids were so excited to go to the new church this morning! Not to mention they thought they were big time getting to go to "big church" (funny) Since this was our 1st service there, we did not have nursery. I brought 2 bags full of goodies, but it was not enough to keep sweet darlin Madeline quiet. We made it to the last song and that was all she could handle. :) I had wanted to stay and take pictures to share, but that will have to come at a later time. Instead, I will just share a picture of Madeline before we left for church.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update in Pictures

There has not been much time to update the blog, so I thought I would just update with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Jason got to meet a few of the American Gladiators. I told him he should have taken a photo flexing HA!

Jason completed the Army 10 mile run! He ran the whole thing! He said his time was 1 hour 25 minutes! I would still be running today trying to complete that! Way to go Jay! I am so proud of you!!!

Happy Fall Y'all! The fall scene in front of our house :)

Our neighbors let Jackson "drive" the riding lawn mower...he had a blast!

Jackson giving me a quick wave while his buddy Jacob drives.

Miss Cranky Crabby...not sure what her problem is.

We finally got some rain here! The kids love to splash in the "puddles"! As you can see there was not much to splash in, but they still had fun!