Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update in Pictures

There has not been much time to update the blog, so I thought I would just update with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Jason got to meet a few of the American Gladiators. I told him he should have taken a photo flexing HA!

Jason completed the Army 10 mile run! He ran the whole thing! He said his time was 1 hour 25 minutes! I would still be running today trying to complete that! Way to go Jay! I am so proud of you!!!

Happy Fall Y'all! The fall scene in front of our house :)

Our neighbors let Jackson "drive" the riding lawn mower...he had a blast!

Jackson giving me a quick wave while his buddy Jacob drives.

Miss Cranky Crabby...not sure what her problem is.

We finally got some rain here! The kids love to splash in the "puddles"! As you can see there was not much to splash in, but they still had fun!


Aimee said...

I love all of your pics. I can't believe Jason ran 10 miles, (well, yes, I can) I just can't imagine doing it!!!! That pic of Madi with the crabby face. She is so adorable, even though she drives you MAD!

My favorite pic is the last one. Love it!!!!!

LeighAnne said...

I love your fall scene. Really cute! I haven't done anything like that yet. Maybe I will get motivated to do something outside this weekend while momma is home. Have a great week! :)

Jason said...

hey baby, outside looks good! Was the lawnmower just sitting there or was it turned on??? I Love You, talk to you later.

Jason and Jessica said...

Jason - the lawn mower was on! He really was driving it (of course Kevin was standing right next to them so everything was completely safe) I love u!!!

Aimee - you and me both, I can not even imagine having the energy to run 2 miles much less 10! Oh, did you notice the corn stalk???? HMMM wonder where that came from????

LA - Thanks! I love to decorate for fall. I am sure your momma will love to help you do something this weekend :)

Lisa said...

Missed you today at co-op. Love your pictures.