Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun...and some not so much fun...

Today started off as such a fun day :) Jack got to wear his red Power Ranger costume to school. His class celebrated with a Halloween Party. Jackson had so much fun...he only ate his cupcake and cookie, so you can imagine the sugar high he was on (oh don't you love Halloween candy???)
Once we got home Jackson started acting a little mopey and whiny. I thought it was just a sugar crash...wrong. See Madeline had a stomach and fever virus this week and sure enough Jackson has it now. I just knew it was going to hit before his school party and he would miss out, so when he had not had it yet I thought we were in the home stretch...wrong again. This afternoon Jackson was not himself at all so I took his temp. and sure enough, fever. Wouldn't you know. So a dose of meds and off to sleep he went. I decided we would just hang in tonight and pass out candy. I dressed Madeline up as Raggedy Ann (ok..she would not wear the red hair) and she and I passed out candy. We had 3 trick or treaters all night...oh well. Hope everyone else has had a safe and fun night!

Jackson the red Power Ranger and Samuel the Transformer

How cute is this??? Jackson's feet are a bat :)

Here are the buddies: Chloe the Princess, Jack the Power Ranger, and Samuel the Transformer

Jackson eating a yummy cupcake.

Madeline sitting on the pumpkin :)


The Terrells said...

too cute- so sad that Jack got sick- but now you don't have to hear every 3 minutes- mommy where is my candy? madeline looked soo cute!!

Nancy said...

Just think of the fun you 4 will have next Halloween...I'm so sorry they have been sick. My two had it last week too, on the same night! They both looked adorable in their costumes! I hope he's better today!

Aimee said...

OMG! Madi looks like a little Jason!!!! She looks happy with all her candy.

How is she? How is Jack? Count yourself blessed that you didn't have to get out in the cold!

Anonymous said...


I missed yall so much at the trunk or treat. My mom did send a bag of treats for Jackson and Madeline. As soon as Jack is better I will bring them over....