Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Reunion and 5 Years...

The Family Reunion:
Yesterday we (the kids, my mom, and I) went to Chattanooga for a Family Reunion. The kids had a blast! Jackson played football with his cousin, and Madeline...well she ran, she climbed, and she ate (A LOT!) At one point she was found hiding behind a cooler eating a plate of fudge. It was a great day, very long, but great.

Jack playing football with his cousin Michael.

Jack really enjoyed playing with Michael.

This is my aunt Judith...and no we did not plan on dressing alike :)

Meme (my mom) playing with the kids.

Meme somehow became the designated pusher on the swings.

Madeline and Papa.

Me with Melissa. Her mom and my mom are cousins so I guess that would make us cousins?

Me with Karen. Karen is Melissa's mom. Karen and my mom are cousins.

Jackson taking a break from playing football in order to play with the remote control motorcycle.

Madeline going for a walk with Aunt Judith.

5 Years:
Today marks the 5th anniversary of our church. 5 years ago today we had our very first corporate worship. A chance for a body of believers to come together and worship. I was reflecting on how it all began earlier. It is just incredible to see the hand of God in all this. We went from meeting in a living room, to a meeting room at the City Meeting Center, then God providing us a church in Jacksonville, to now our beautiful new church on McClellan. We had our very first meeting in our new church this morning ( how incredible it was to be held on our 5th anniversary). The building is just amazing, but it is not a building that makes us a church. It is the incredible people that make it a church. I am so grateful for the leadership and fellowship of our church. It is so amazing to watch and experience the graciousness of our church. There has been many trials and sufferings in our church and through every event I have witnessed a group of believers pour out prayer, love, and support on those in the midst of a storm. Not only that, but I have seen a church that did not let the cost of restoring a new building deter them from helping those who need it. Just amazing!
The kids were so excited to go to the new church this morning! Not to mention they thought they were big time getting to go to "big church" (funny) Since this was our 1st service there, we did not have nursery. I brought 2 bags full of goodies, but it was not enough to keep sweet darlin Madeline quiet. We made it to the last song and that was all she could handle. :) I had wanted to stay and take pictures to share, but that will have to come at a later time. Instead, I will just share a picture of Madeline before we left for church.


Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome mom, friend, wife, sister etc. You really are a strong woman to keep all the normal going "alone." It is amazing how you do it.
Hugs, Nana Janet

Lisa said...

I missed you....I'm glad you at least got to come for a while. I think about you often and how hard some days must be. I know you are ready for some help. Praying for you.


Aimee said...

Hey friend,
I missed you today at the picnic after church and I missed you tonight at Home Group. Not the same without you. You OK? Call me tomorrow. We can chat.

It is truly a blessing to worship with people at Grace each Sunday. Carlton and I love you all. I cannot believe its been 5 years.
My, I am getting old.