Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Trip To The Fire Station

Today was Jackson's 1st ever Field Trip to the Fire Station! He had a blast! He got to meet some firefighters, sit inside the fire truck, see where 911 calls come in, watch a video on fire safety, tour where the firefighters sleep, and best of all HE SLID DOWN THE POLE! (this really surprised me...I did not think he would do it) Jackson had such a great time at the fire station! He has been talking about it all morning...and giving me all kinds of fire safety tips :) I am so glad he was paying attention.

Anniston Fire Station...thank you fire fighters for taking the time to educate our children!

Class picture beside the firetruck.

Jackson slid down the pole :)

Way to go Jackson!

Ms. Betsy's class...look how cute they are in their fire hats.

Class picture with Sparky the Dog.

The kids just loved Sparky the Dog.

Jackson was not going to take his eyes off the fire fighter.

Waiting for a firefighter to come down the pole.

Madeline and Claire...they were not as excited about the tour as the big kids were :)

Jackson inside the fire truck.

Another picture beside the firetruck.

Jackson and Chloe, how sweet are they?


Aimee said...

How cute! He looks like he had so much fun. I can't believe he is old enough to go on a field trip!!!!

Anna said...

Those picts are so adorable! Jack is getting so big!

LeighAnne said...

So precious. It looks like Jackson had a wonderful time at the fire station. Where does he go to preschool at? Hope you are doing well! :) Hugs and Love, LeighAnne