Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Madeline's 1st day of school

Madeline started K4 today!

She has been so excited about her first day of school.  She has been bugging me EVERYDAY since Jack started to school about how much longer until her school starts.  She was in such a great mood this morning.  Woke up with no resistance and immediately got dressed for her big day.  When we arrived at her school, she was a little shy and skiddish at first, but after a few minutes, she was her normal self. She has lots of friends with her this year that we already knew, and will be making more.  I can not wait to watch her grow and learn over this school year. 
Below are some pictures of our Madeline on her first day.  (Madeline and 2 of her bestest friends wore the same custom dress to school today.  Each girl had the same dress just a different color)

Madeline reports she had a fabulous day and looks forward to going back tomorrow.  She told me all about the books she read and songs she sang.  :)  I love how excited she is about school!!!



Nancy said...

Her dress is PRECIOUS.
SO glad you had a good day, Madeline!!

Crystal said...

So glad she had such a great first day! And I agree, the dress is adorable!

ShaRhonda said...

I want to learn to make those dresses! I'm asking fir a sewing machine for my bday! So glad she had a great first day and insists on going back! That's awesome!