Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day In Our Life

So it has been a while since my last blog. Life is hectic and I honestly just can not seem to find the time to sit down and type a post, so I thought this would be a great post to share with everyone what a "typical" day in our world is like.

6:30 am - I wake up to have my "Quiet Time". I usually get about an hour before the kiddos awaken :)

7:30 am - The kids are up! Now is the time to literally hit the ground running. I throw the hair up in a ponytail, grab the kids, and we head to the kitchen. The kids help me decide what is for breakfast. This morning it is french toast sticks and sausage links. mmm mmm good :)

Jackson cleans up the dishes from breakfast. This is part of his chores and he loves it :)

Breakfast is cleared from the table and it is CRAFT TIME! This is always an adventure. Today we used "safety scissors" and created lots of neat things for daddy.

After crafts are finished we make our beds, change out of our pajamas, and get dressed for the day. The kids love to brush their teeth (after I finish brushing them of course)

Next on our chores list is to water the flowers. The kids usually ending up with more water on them than the flowers get, but hey that is the fun of it right?

By now it is 9 am and we are at the park so that I can get some exercise in (as if chasing a 3 year old and a 1 year old was not exercise enough right?) I try to walk about an hour-to keep the kiddos in the stroller I give them suckers and goldfish. (I figure the salty goldfish will balance out the sweet sucker) Ok I am lucky if I get to walk 45 minutes, but it is better than nothing I suppose. Jason usually calls during the walk to let us know that he is going to be on the computer. I finish off the walk, let the kids on the playground for a while, then we hurry home.

10 am and we are home. This is the "DVD or Daily Visual of Daddy" The kids run back and forth from the webcam talking to daddy to the playroom. They must show daddy every toy in there :) The kids love this time! We look forward to it everyday. I am so glad that I am able to stay home with them so that they get to see him :)

12 noon LUNCH time - I fix the kids lunch (usually a sandwich with a side of fruit) then we watch "THE DADDY MOVIE" Jason recorded a dvd of him reading four different books to the kids. We try to watch it everyday before nap time.

1-3 pm AHH Nap Time :) All is quiet...if I am lucky Jason is on the computer so we talk (with no distractions) I use this time to catch up on email, do some Tastefully Simple work, and grab a ligtening fast shower because my two hours is almost gone. On Tuesday's during this time I have a bible study with Mrs. Janet...I look forward to these days, I am really enjoying our study :)
Nap time comes to an end way too quickly...and I hear the sweetest sounds "mommy" It is by far one of the best titles!

3 pm - To the post office we go to mail daddy a care package :) This one has lots of goodies and crafts-looks like we will have to send it in two boxes (won't daddy be excited!) Thank you USPS for flat rate boxes to APO addresses!

3:30 pm - Back to the house for some outdoor activities. Today since it was so hot we decided to play in the sprinklers. Yes, we, as in all three of us, ran in the sprinklers. What a site we must of been for the neighbors.

5 pm - Time to head inside and prepare dinner. Ok I am not super mom, so tonight we hit good ol McDonalds drive thru (but it is ok, we only go once a week) I really do cook for the kids every night and insist they eat something green (boy that is a battle, but I will save that for another blog) Jackson has been going to VBS this week so I give the kids their bath early tonight and we head to church.

8 pm - Bed Times-daddy calls to say prayers and tell us good night.

I put the kids in their beds and all is quiet again (at least for 12 hours) I crash!
Trying to rest up for the next day. As if any amount of rest could give you enough energy to be a temporary single stay at home parent. Only 275 more days....(but hey whose counting?)

So there it is my "typical" day. Throw in the occassional Wal-Mart trip, doctor's appointment, or dentist's appointment and you have got yourself one wild day. :) But that is helps the time pass.
I will try to post more often (like when I can gather my thoughts)


Anonymous said...

Whoo. Makes me glad I am a working mom. At least I can get some rest. I am so glad that you are willing and able to be a stay at home mommy. I know it is a super tough job but you are great at it.


Dave and Lisa Swinney said...

what a good mommy you are! Sounds like a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could stay on a schedule like that. You ARE supermom! That picture of Jason reading to the kids really choked me up. That is just too sweet!


Aimee said...

I am choked up too. The picture of Jason reading the books got me! I was good until THAT picture! Boy, the things we take for granted.

You ARE super mom. Who else does crafts at 9:00am in the morning? Or who does crafts on a daily basis??? I dare not post my daily schedule. We are still eating breakfast at 9:00am. I am usually walking around my house aimlessly trying to figure out if its Wednesday or Thursday.

Jason is one blessed man to have you for a wife and mommy!!!!!

The Allen Family said...

wow is all i can say!!!! dido to aimee's comment. i only wish i was that scheduled!! maybe i can get some pointers for when bryce gets a little older :) your family is very blessed to have such a wonderful mom like you!!!

Jason said...

I know I never comment on here but seeing the kids and their daily routine was great! I miss you and the kids so much and can't wait till I get to be with yall again! You are awesome and I appreciate everything you do! I Love You!!


Tamara said...

Wow! I am impressed! You are such a fantastic mommy! I am in awe of you.:) I am tired just reading about your day. I am right there with everyone else crying at the pics of Jason reading to the kids.

You didn't even mention all the other stuff you are constantly
doing for others too, like showers and orgainizing meals and babysitter care for others in the church. Thank you Jess for all you do!!

Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

This message is actually for Jason -- thank you for all you are doing for all of us! What an obvious sacrifice you are making by being away from your family. It is very touching to see how connected you are able to be via computer and phone.

What an inspiration your family is to my family. I talk about Jessica's life often and my husband always says he doesn't know how military wives do it! Neither do I, but I am sure that absence really does make the heart grow fonder! The love your family has for one another is touching to us all.

Take care and be safe!

Kerry Mehaffey Mataya