Monday, July 21, 2008

Pip The Ryan

Ok did you catch the title of this post? Pip The Ryan is the name of Jackson's new imaginary friend. I have always thought Jackson had quite the imagination, so I knew a "friend" was sure to join us...and he did this morning. When Jack woke up I was introduced to him. It took a little while to get clear on his name (my best guess is the name derived from Pip the puppy-a character in one of his books) His name could not be something common like "Tom", nope it is Pip The Ryan.
So this is what I know of Pip The Ryan:
1. can not call him Pip or Ryan, must be Pip The Ryan
2. he is 4 years old
3. he has brown hair
4. he drives a red car
5. he attends Alabama football games and yells War Eagle (this is what coming from a house divided will do to you)
Jackson and Pip The Ryan have been busy today. They played board games, did crafts, and went to the park. Pip The Ryan had to leave to go to the Alabama game, but he returned in time for nap. Looking forward to when "they" get up. :)
So who else has had an imaginary friend???

1 comment:

Aimee said...

Pip the Ryan sounds normal to me. Actaully, pretty creative. Maybe its all the crafts you have been doing. Hee Hee

Know what Noah says now???

You know Easy Mac.....its now Hard Mac.

ANd Happy Meals from MC. D are now called Sad Meals.

Noah is obsessed with opposites!!!!