Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures in Toddlerhood...

For those of you who know my Madzilla (aka Madeline) then the above pictures should not be of any suprise to you. Madeline is always very active which means I always have to be very active, but one gift I wish I had was eyes in the back of my head. The majority of things Madeline gets into occurs while I am in the room with her. I turn away for just one second and that is all it takes for her.
I have set out Fall decorations (trying to keep things as normal and routine as possible for the kids) and part of the decorations is a big bowl that I filled with candy. Well, I know it is not a good idea to leave it at eye level (to many temptations on my part and on the kids part) so I thought the bowl would be safe on top of the bakers rack...WRONG! Somehow while I was washing dishes, Miss Madeline figured out how to scale to the top of the rack (she pulled out a chair to climb on top of the table, then from the table to the rack) and she helped herself to some candy. So I disciplined her and went back to washing dishes. No more had I turned back around and that child was back up there again! So the bowl has a new resting spot inside the cabinet (just a matter of time until she figures out how to get in there)
Not to long after this incident we were on the computer with Jason and I hear Madeline making funny noises. The child has torn open a neck pillow (I bought these at Target so the kids could use them in the car seats and their heads would stay in place) She is covered in little white pellet/balls. They were in her hair, ears, nose, and mouth. Not to worry, she is fine...I got them all out. I still have not figured out how in the world she got it opened.
All this occurred before noon what is in store for me when she wakes from her nap???


Aimee said...

I have witnessed this child first hand! She is a mess! But, I love her feistiness!!! How do you get anything done? You are such a good and patient mommy!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that is hilarious! well, from a distance it is. praying for you my friend. it's so neat to learn from your blog

Lisa said...

When I first saw that picture I thought it was sugar.....oh my what a mess!

White House said...

I wonder what you were like!!!@???
She is precious
nana j