Saturday, September 20, 2008

Missing Him

Words just do not even begin to express how much I am missing Jason...
There is just something about the weather turning cooler and football season in full swing. This is Jason's favorite time of the year...maybe that is why I am missing him so much right now. Don't get me wrong, I always miss him, but lately it has just been harder. Its one of those things that just hit by surprise.
This morning the kids and I were outside playing enjoying the nice fall-like weather along with everyone else in the neighborhood. I found myself watching everyone...playing football with their child, putting out fall decorations, or riding made me so sad...I gathered the kids up as fast as I could and got them in the house before I started crying. I am sure you think I must be weird and some probably even think I need medication, but please just know that I am not sitting here all day was just a moment. Just a moment when I was a little envious of the families around me. Its been 7 months and I am lonely, sad, and missing my husband...what more can I say???

Jason ~ I enjoyed watching the game with you today. Even if we are thousands of miles a part, it was so neat to experience something with you at the same time. I love you so much!


The Terrells said...

it is completely understandable that you miss him!! how could you not! It is so neat, cause you have been on my mind so much and i have been praying for you- the Lord is putting you on our hearts to get you through this! I know I am not there with you(which I am sad about), but you have been amazingly strong!! Love you

Anonymous said...


I know it is hard but you are doing an amazing job while Jason has been gone. I know how hard it is especially with 2 children. I am here if you need me.


The Allen Family said...

i second bethany. it is so completely understandable for you to miss jason and to have emotional moments- you deserve them!!! in hard times, everyone needs moments to break down, and let God carry you through. you have done a wonderful job of staying positive during this trial, and clinging to The Word for comfort. your strength and faith is an encouragement to me!!!!

you're in our prayers

White House said...

I can really understand, and I just know how you must have felt....and you are validated. Just think 7 months down; wow. Praying for you and all the influence (keys) that you will have because of this experience. HUgs

LeighAnne said...

This post has made me so sad. I am so sorry Jessica. You are so much stronger and braver than I could ever be. I am praying for you and Jason! I am so glad you go to watch the game together! :)