Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Elves...

Yesterday "little elves" showed up at the house ready to transform it in time for the BIG ARRIVAL (and by big arrival I do not mean the guy in red suit, nope its for the guy who wears camo and combat boots) I told them my vision and away they went to work. In no time at all everything was done! Even the outside decorations! I have truely dreaded getting all the decorations out and going thru everything on my own, but because of these wonderful "little elves" I did not have to do it alone. I am so grateful for my loving church family who have taken care of us during the past 10 months! Thank you mom for helping me choose my decor and Thank you "little elves" for giving so freely of your time and helping me prepare for the big day! I honestly could not have done it without you guys!!!

Below are just a few pictures of the decorations. The "little elves" worked so hard and did such a great job :)

Mantle in the living room.

Tree in the living room.

Ornament I made for the patriotic tree using Jason's picture :)

Ornament I made for the patriotic tree using the kid's picture :)

Patriotic tree in the basement.

The "little elves" who transformed my house!


Anonymous said...

Your decorations and trees look great! Thank God for little elves!


Lisa said...

It looks great! I'm so glad you got it done. I hope you have a great time with Jason.

Jenifer Parris said...

Your trees are BEAUTIFUL! You all did such a great job...let me know when you're coming to MY house so I can be ready!!! :)

jason said...

i would just like to tell all the ladies that helped jessica thank you so much for helping out during this time! It means a lot!

Trooper Thorn said...

I have given you an award over on my site. Happy Thanksgiving.