Saturday, December 13, 2008

OH Happy Day!!

Hello all my bloggy friends! So sorry that it has been a while since my last post. Jason made it home safely last week and we have truely been enjoying our time together! I have wanted to update so many times over the past week, but we have had modem issues which meant no internet. It has been a headache, but after a week and 4 calls to the phone company we FINALLY got everything fixed and now we are back up :) But anyway, enough about that. :) Jason has been home for a little over a week. The kids have not let him out of their site for one second. They want him to do everything for them (which is fine by me) ;-) We have ventured out a few know Jason had to check out the new Bass Pro Shop and of course take the kids to the toy stores (brave soul). Even though it is a week late, I wanted to share with everyone our Happy Day from last week. Enjoy the pictures and the video. Just remember to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog before you watch the video. I am going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the video. I am the operator so it is very shakey and all you can hear is my squealing ;-) It is not a very long video because I decided I could not tape any longer (I need to get in on all the hugs too) I will post more soon of some of our adventures and of our Christmas (today is our Christmas Eve) We had just arrived at the Atlanta airport. There was a great USO section set up to stand in while waiting on soldiers to arrive. The kids loved standing there holding up their signs. Ok, who I am kidding...the kids were throwing the signs while the adults went chasing after them :) My sweet friend Kim also got to travel to Atlanta to pick up her husband, Eric. We were so glad our husbands were able to travel together. The Welcome Home Crew....Jason's parents took the kids and I to the airport. We were so glad they were able to go! The moment finally arrived! We waited for over an hour, but I promise it felt like we were only there 10 minutes (weird, I know) The volunteers at the USO desk kept us updated the whole time. They literally gave us moment by moment updates. It was great to know exactly where Jason was. I can still remember the excitement I felt down in the pit of my tummy just to know that my husband was in the same building I was in. I get chills just thinking about it. My family is complete :) Of course this picture was taken after we were able to regain composure. As soon as we saw Jason coming up the escalator Jason's mom and I start this high pitch squealing (which you can hear on the video) We just kept saying over and over to the kids "It's daddy, it's really daddy" Both kids had this deer caught in headlights look on their was priceless. Madeline and Jackson both went right to him and would not let go of him. The joy I felt at that moment to see my children with their daddy again is just indescribable. I just love this picture of Jackson walking with Jason to the baggage claim. Once he got hold of his daddy, Jackson did not let go. At one point Jason picked Jackson up and carried him to the baggage claim. While Jason was carrying Jackson, Jackson turned to Jason and said..."Daddy, I have wet in my eyes" How sweet is that! I still tear up just thinking about my little boy saying that. Those of you who know Jackson, know that he is very shy and does not say much at all. Jackson was so excited to see his daddy that he talked for 4 hours straight! I mean non-stop. Noone could get a word in at all. And if he ran out of something to talk about he would start describing the weather outside or the color of cars. Just too sweet!


Aimee said...


Now I have wet in my eyes!!! What great pictures..

I have missed you girl!

Nancy said...

So happy you guys are together! What a precious time. Enjoy yourselves! You are always in our thoughts & prayers!
Nancy & family!

Tamara said...

Welcome home Jason!!

What sweet pictures! I am so glad ya'll are getting to spend this time together. Enjoy!!

Love you guys!

KristinRanae said...

WoW! I have "wet in my eyes" too! What an amazing family that you have! I was so glad to read that your family is complete again!

Lots of Love,

Anna said...

The Wet just won't stop! What a touching video and how wonderful to get a visit from "the camo guy" this Christmas!! I'm very happy for your precious family. Enjoy your quality time, we love ya'll! A care package from the Coast should get to you this week.

Barb said...


I am reading your blog while smiling and wiping the wet in my eyes. I am so happy for all of you.

Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

We all had wet in our eyes that morning! I know you are enjoying your family time as much as I am!


LeighAnne said...


How amazingly precious. I am SO happy for your family to get to see Jason during this special season. I loved the video and all the pictures. I love you girl.


The Allen Family said...

wow,thank you so much for sharing. there's just something about seeing a video that pictures just can't capture!!! i too have wet in my eyes, and i just called adam in here to see the video. it's precious!!! i'm so happy for you and your family and that you are together and having christmas :)

Tasha said...


I am so glad for the time ya'll have had! The pics and video are priceless! Allie had got on last night and was trying to tell me about it and she couldn't stop crying! Your are in our prayers!Give Jason a big hug from us and we continue to lift him up daily! We love you! Tasha

Trina said...

I came across your blog through feedjit. Even though I don't know you or your family, I have wet in my eyes, too.

Please tell your husband that I am so thankful for him and all of the other soldiers out there who are doing all that they do so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we have in this great country. He is truly a hero.

Trina Vest

Shelly said...

Thank you for linking up! I have wet in my eyes is too precious.
Your video brings tears to my eyes too because you can totally hear the complete joy in the voices.
What a great day that must have been.