Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Time at the Ft.

Hey everyone! Sorry there has not been much time for a big update...I did want to let everyone know that we made it in last night (Thursday) around 6:30. We were absolutely blown away by our welcoming! I am going to blog about that (of course) with all the pictures, but before I do that blog, I wanted to share a few pictures of our time at Ft. Stewart

I just love having my hubby home!

One of our nights, us wives decided that we wanted to cook a steak dinner complete with all the fixings and a cake for our hubby's. The men loved this SO much. I think Jason enjoyed grilling as much as he did eating the steak. He said it was so relaxing to grill and made him feel normal :)

We tried to decorate the hotel patio area as best we could. We found some cute things at a local dollar store and made use out of the fruit from breakfast buffet.

Our last night at Ft. Stewart, our hubby's treated us to a night out in Savannah, complete with dinner at The Lady & Sons. You know that this was right up my alley :) It was so much fun finally getting to eat there...the only thing missing was Aimee (but I did share with anyone who would listen about us being on the show!) haha

Our group (The Harmon's, The McConnell's, The Wade's, The D'Agostin's and us) It was a lot of fun to go with a big group!

Goofing off with Cooley on our last day...this girl was a hoot!

Group shot

Angela, me, and Kim waiting...waiting...and waiting some more...we were so ready to get out of there and go home.

My hubby and me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our time over the past week. Check back in the next day or two for the homecoming pictures.



Nancy said...

Jessica...that last picture of you two is incredible! SOOO happy you are together & can't wait for Jason to be able to grill out all summer long for your family!
Praying for a safe trip home for you all! Can't wait for the next post!

Aimee said...

Love all the pics!!

What a year this has glad he is home now!

So, did you tell Paula that we need to come and see her again??? Its time for a girls trip again!!! Seriously, we should email her!

Love yoU!

Friends and Family said...

Jess...Thanks for sharing the look amazing by the way & so very happy! So glad you ALL are reunited! Love ya chick!