Sunday, March 1, 2009

All In A Day...

This morning I was awakened at 4am by my sweet lil Mads...unfortunately it had nothing to do with all the hoopla over the snow. Instead Madeline was running a low grade fever, holding her ear saying it hurt, and touching her mouth saying it hurt. All I could think was oh great...Sunday morning and its snowing...nothing is going to be open today. Fortunately an office was open and I got there with Madeline when the doors were opened...the unfortunate thing was we were 14th in line! I spent 3 hours in the waiting room...We went with an ear infection and goodness only knows what we walked out with UGH!!!!! 10 minutes after I put the drops in Madeline's ears she was smiling and up to her usual antics :)

My lil Madeline finally smiling :)

As if being up since 4am with a sick baby was not tiring enough, somehow I had enough energy to cook and prepare 5 different casseroles to freeze. I have decided to try freezer meals out. I have 2 main reasons for doing this. The main reason is that when Jason gets home, I want us as a family to be able to spend as much time as possible together and not be concerned with having to cook. The other reason is that so often during this past (almost) 13 months I have been so busy or caught up in doing the daily chores that I do not have time or the energy to cook so off to fast food or frozen pizzas...I cringe at the thought of how much money was spent on fast food because I did not feel like cooking. I purchased enough food for 12 different meals to freeze. Each meal is 6-8 servings so we will be able to eat on them for 2 nights...that is almost a month worth of food. Know what is even better??? Each meal cost around $8...that makes almost $1 per serving! Now try to eat a complete meal out for $1. I am excited about going to the freezer, pulling out a meal, thawing it, and popping it in the oven...the hardest part is deciding which meal to thaw.

Here are the casseroles I made today.

I did not get to prepare all 12 today (was not expecting the visit to the Dr. office today) So tomorrow I will prepare the rest (hopefully) Then it is list making time...I have to figure out what 3 people will be needing for a week away from home...With that I do not have anything new to report on Jason. The date/time has remained the same since my last update. Yay! We are all so excited and ready for this to be over!



Lisa said...

Good idea with freezing meals. Saves time and money! I like that.

Nancy said...

I'm glad she is ok! You have inspired me...I must try out the freezer cooking. I made taco soup last night & froze our leftovers...but that was just one meal! :) Love ya!

Kim Wade said...

I'm glad Madeline is feeling better. You are such an organized person getting a months worth of food ready like that. I think when I grow up I wanna be just like you!


Crystal said...

I have thought about freezing meals before but just never actually done it! You'll have to post about what kinds of things you froze and share some recipes!

The Allen Family said...

freezer cooking is definitely a time saver!!! i put some meals in the freezer right before bryce was born, but haven't done it in a while. share some of your ideas when you get a chance- i'm in a cooking rut and would love some freezer meal recipes!!!

glad madeline is feeling better now!!

LeighAnne said...

I have friends that do freezer meals and they love it. I wish I could do the same, but Blake is one of those men who can't eat the same thing two days in a row. He really sacrifices adn usually takes leftovers for lunch so he doesn't have to spend anything on lunch. I would love to cook ahead and freeze. Maybe I can invent another time saver for myself! :) Glad Madz is better. Glad the date hasn't changed for Jason!!! :)

Love ya girl,

Barb said...

That's a great idea with the meals. Glad Madeline is feeling better some!

The Terrells said...

i would love to know which casseroles you made- i need some ideas and I would love to be able to do that one day and be done!! so excited that your man will be home soon- since he is on my fridge- i think of y'all so often and miss you
have a great week and glad that madeline is feeling better