Friday, February 27, 2009

PJ Day and the latest news...

Today was pj day at Jack's preschool. He has been talking about this day all week long...who knew that being allowed to wear pj's to school would be so exciting??? He chose to wear lightning McQueen pj's (go figure) and has had them layed out all week. This morning when I woke him to get ready for school, he jumped straight out of the bed and gave me the biggest hug when I told him that he gets to wear the pj's. He was completely ready to go in record time. :) Jack enjoyed today so much and loved telling me all about the pj's his friends wore to school.

On a more serious note...Jack has worn glasses now for almost 2 years. He has had some problems that Jason and I have noticed since he was a baby, but were hopeful that he would "out grow" them. When he did not, we took him to an eye Dr. Well after nearly 2 years of the run around and our 3rd doctor we FINALLY have someone who recognizes how serious that the matter is and also recognizes how quickly we must act on this. Jack was diagnosed with a condition known as amblyopia...or "lazy eye" It has gotten really bad over the last few months and that is why I took him to someone who specializes in treating children with this condition. Like I said, I knew his "lazy eye" had become worse, but I was not prepared to hear just how bad. Turns out that because the eye has not been working and depending totally on the good eye, he has almost lost all vision in the "lazy eye" (I refuse to call it the bad eye, because it is going to improve) Jack only has limited side vision out of his "lazy eye". I was told that there is limited time left to correct this, but it can be done. SO what do we have to do??? For the next 3 months, Jackson must wear a patch over his good eye everyday for 8-10 hours. So pretty much the entire time Jackson is awake he must wear the patch. He has been such a trooper about it. Of course he complains about it a little but we have come up with an award system. Each day that he wears the patch for the amount of time required he gets a smiley face sticker on the chart. After 7 consecutive stickers, Jack gets to go to the store and choose a prize. That usually is motivation enough for him to keep it on. I thought the hard part was going to be making him wear the patch, but so far that has not been the case. Each day he chooses what super hero I draw on his patch (the patch is just plain tan) So glad he appreciates stick figures because I am not an artist :) The hard part is that Jack can not see since the good eye is covered up...therefore he is depending a lot on me. I do not mind that at all, but I feel so bad for him. As a mommy, I just want to take this on myself so that he does not have to suffer...sounds so much like the gospel huh? Jesus bore the pain of my sins so that I did not have to. I wish I could do that for my baby, but I can't. So I am asking my faithful blog readers to please pray for Jack. Please pray specifically for the "patching" to work and we can move on to the next step in correcting this condition. Thank you.

Now for the latest update:
Since my last post, Jason's ETA has changed, I believe, about 3 times. Go figure huh? We got new day/times today so I have adjusted my schedule once again. I just love being "flexible" ha ha.....Anyway, I do see the light of this long deployment tunnel. And soon I will be with my man :) I will keep you posted as I know more.



Aimee said...

Praying for sweet Jack man. I sure do wish I could see those drawings of yours. Hee hee...

He is such a trooper! Its great that you were able to get him to a great doctor!!! I know they will do everything possible to treat him. is Madi doing with Jack and his patch? I figured she might be ripping it off his head?????

So, whats the new dates??? Any sooner???
Let me know..

Lisa said...

Hey. My sister's little boy had an eye problem and has to wear a patch on his good eye a couple of hours a day. I now how hard that can be.

When my youngest sister was 5 she had an eye injury which left her eye very damaged. She had to wear a patch on her good eye for a long time. She could not see out of her other eye hardly at all so she would peek out from her patch at school. Just thought i would share all my patch stories. :)

The Allen Family said...

adam's sister's little girl had the same thing, and had to wear a patch for a while, but now she sees great and no "lazy eye"- so we'll be praying for jack for the same outcome!!!

what a great system you have going!! how wonderful it would be to be one of your kids!!! i'm taking notes from all you great moms!!!

Barb said...

Praying for you and Jack. I am glad you were able to catch this in time. Praying for you as you wait on Jason's return. You are all such troopers!

Kim Wade said...

Jackson looks so cute in his jammies. Can you BELIEVE it!! This time next week we will be on our way to pick up our Hubbies!!!!


Beka White said...

Hey Jess,
I will be praying for Jackson's eye! I will also be praying for your anxiety over it....& Jason's return. I am so glad you found a Dr. that figured out the problem! You are a great mommy & wife!

Holly said...

Praying for little Jack and NO MORE date changes!
Holly Knowlton

Misty said...

Praying for you and Jack. I am glad that you've found a doctor to help him. I don't have a patch story, but I do have a cousin who is blind so I can understand to some extent. I like the system you've come up with for him!

Praying for your hubby's return. I can't imagine how much you miss him!

LeighAnne said...


I will be praying for Jackson's eye. Sorry the date changed again for Jason's homecoming, I pray that this will be the last one!! :)