Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hail Storm and an UPDATE....

look at all that hail...I did not mound that up like that either, that is how it was when I walked out the front door.

nickel size???

When you live in Alabama, you know there is going to be some strange and often wild weather. Well yesterday was no disappointer for us. We made it through 2 tornado warnings with nothing but hail...and I do mean A LOT of hail. When this was hitting the house I thought the roof was going to cave in (it did not) The kids and I hunkered down in the basement while Jack lectured us on the "dangerousness" of the storm. After the storm passed I grabbed the camera and ran outside to see if there was any damage. My neighbors were outside doing the same thing. Looks like we all made it without any damage...hard to tell though cause all the hail had not melted off the roof before it was dark. We had a good laugh though because the news reports said we received nickel size hail...I don't think I would describe it as nickel size...perhaps softball???? I posted a few pictures of it, but the pictures do not do it any justice. I did scoop some up in a bag and put it in the freezer though (thanks Jill for that idea). Looks like we should have a calm weather day today.

And now for the UPDATE:
I received "the" phone call yesterday :) Jason gave me his ETA and I booked my hotel room. So not too much longer and I get to go get my man !!! :)
Because of this being a public blog I am not going to put the dates on here. I am sure you can all understand that :)
I will keep you posted though so keep checking back in!

love to all,



Nancy said...

So excited for you! I'm glad you didn't have any damage. Those pictures are so clear of that hail!
Prayers for safety & good travels while getting your man!

Acheson family said...

Yay! We are so excited about Jason's eta!!! And that hail was massive! So thankful you didn't have any damage.

We love you guys!

Tasha said...

Wow, we didn't get any of that in J'ville that I saw! I am so happy for the date!! You will have your hubby home soon!! I'm so excited for your family, I know it seems to have been a lifetime since he was deployed! I know you can't wait to makeup lost time!!I'm going to continue to pray for safty over him and his fellow troops!
We thank your family again for all the lonely nights, missed holidays, and just someone there to talk to and be with!Most of us don't have a clue!
We love ya'll! Tasha

Jill said...

HOW EXCITING!!! I still remember the first time you went to pick him up! I know it's been harder this time because of the kiddos. I'm so glad that he will finally be home with y'all. We will be praying for safe travel and for the adjustments as he comes home!
Love ya!

Barb said...

I am so excited for you. The end is near. I look forward to the new adventures in your family's life when he returns.


Misty said...

We had hail like that on the way home and at my husband's family farm. It looked like white like snow! Glad you and your family and home were all okay.

I'm glad to hear that your hubby will be home soon. I look forward to meeting him as well as getting to know you better. I'll be in prayer for his safe return home.


LeighAnne said...

Congratulations on the ETA! That is awesome!! So glad ya'll made it through the storms with no damage.

Hugs, LA

jengallahar said...

Glad there was not severe damage at your place! I know you are happier than words can express about Jason. Feel free to send me a private email about the date! I can't wait for you!!! Tell Aimee hello for me tomorrow. I wish I could be there to see the kid's faces when they get off the plane!!! Yours too for that matter! So excited for the wonderful things going on in both of your lives right now!

Crystal said...

We had hail like that our here! I wish I would have taken pictures!

I will be praying as your husband makes his way home! How exciting!