Monday, February 2, 2009

Aimee's Shower

This past weekend I had the joy of helping host a shower for my sweet friend Aimee who is on her way (TODAY!) to China to get her daughter, Lily. The shower was so wonderful and that precious child received more clothes than I have ever seen before.
Below are a few pictures...

Table set up at the shower...there was so much yummy food

Aimee and me

Kadle, me, and Aimee

The big sis Hannah Grace and me

The adorable bags I had made for Lily and Madeline

Please be in prayer for this family as they are on their way today to China. You can follow the journey as Aimee will be blogging the whole time they are there (just click on the link to Aimee's travel blog on the right)



LeighAnne said...

Oh Jessica I hate that I missed the shower. It looked beautiful and I know that Aimee must have been so excited. I have a package that I am mailing to her and she will have it when she gets home from China. You are such a sweet friend. Thanks for sharing pics of the big day.


Jessica said...

It was a wonderful shower! Lily go so many nice things. Those bags are so cute. I did not know that you had made it. You did a great job! Kadle

Jessica said...

thanks for all your help with the shower did so good on those doughnut holes (can I have the recipe?)
oh...sorry for misleading, I did not make the bags...Becky at BB's in Saks made them.

LA ~ we missed u, but will watch for the package to make sure she gets it :)

Jessica said...

I guess I need to learn to read, I see that it says "I had made", and for the doughnut recipe its a family secert! HaHa