Monday, July 27, 2009

A Much Needed Day Away

Life has been pretty overwhelming at times lately. It just seems that between all the day in and day out of things that have to be done not to mention all the things that sneak up on us...there is not ever any down time. I think my family noticed it and decided that we needed to just stop and take a break. Of course I came up with a million reasons why it would not work, but they would not take no for an answer...and now I am glad that they would not.

Our day started off so great. We all slept in...that never happens! I mean truly I could not have made that happen if I wanted to. Jason, being the wonderful hubby that he is, was up first and took care of the cleaning that I had not been able to finish from the day before. It was so nice to have that done =) Then we got our swimsuits on and headed to the lake.

Madeline enjoys riding on the boat, but she loves trying to drive it even more (=

Jackson loves riding on the boat.

Jason tried his best to wake board...after 5 failed attempts, he just decided to ski.

Jason skiing. This is much easier than the board...I think he is regretting trying the the time we got home, he could barely walk. Gotta love how we are not as young as we once were

Madeline, Jack, and me swimming in the lake.

Jack, Jaida, and Madeline. Jack and Madi love playing with Jaida. They jumped off the boat and swam in the lake all day.

Just me floating around in the lake...ok this did not last long. Most of the time the kids were jumping to me or on me =) It really was great fun!

Madeline, Jack, and me riding on the inter tube. This was fun...for about 30 seconds...then Madeline decided she wanted to get off, so Jack and I rode for a little while on it.

My brother Jeremy had to show Jason how to ride the wake board. Of course he was able to get up on the 1st try. (=

Jason and I rode the inter tube together. It really was so much fun! Jason and I have been together over 15 years and have been to the lake numerous times, but this is the 1st time he and I have ever done this. We laughed so hard that my sides hurt! Of course my brother was driving the boat and I am convinced that he was trying to find the largest waves for us to go made us laugh and scream louder, so he found bigger ones. Of course we could not let him win out so we just held on titer....and now my arms are so sore! I mean like can barely raise them sore...again...we are not as young as we once were (=

After all the swimming, skiing, jumping in the water, and riding on the inter tube...Jason and I got a chance to actually sit together and ride in the boat. It was great. Jason and I never get a chance to just sit and we certainly do not ever get a chance to just sit together. (= It was great...we rode on the boat and admired the beautiful views.
You may be wondering what the kiddos were doing while we were able to just sit...

They were on the front of the boat with my mom...asleep! Yep, all that swimming, jumping, and playing wore them out!

We had such a wonderful time on the lake! It was a day we all truly needed. Of course I wish it could have lasted longer than a day, but I am glad that we were able to enjoy at least a day. I have found that laughter truly is what I needed..and lots of laughter is what I got! ;)



LeighAnne said...

That is my favorite way to spend a day. Blake & I love being on the boat. I am so thankful my in-laws have a place on the lake! So glad you had a day to enjoy yourselves.

Love ya,

Aimee said...

What a fun day!! You really needed it too!!!! I missed you though!

Lisa said...

Looks fun! Especially you and Jason tubing.