Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Having Fun With Pictures

Ok...so I had way too much time on my hands while the kids were napping. I mean I am sure there were more productive things I could have been doing, but nothing could have made me laugh this hard. I played on yearbookyourself.com today...

Jason, Jack, me, Madeline, and mom were all in the band in 1954

Bet you did not know that Jason and I were cheerleaders in 1958

My brother Jeremy and Jason in science lab in 1960

Jason and Jeremy played on the basketball team in 1968

Jeremy, Jack, Madeline, me, and Jason with the ball. Football team 1972

Photography club 1974...Me, Jason, Jeremy, Jack, my mom, and Madeline

Chess club 1976...Jason, Jack, Me and my brother Jeremy

Homecoming King Jason and Queen Me 1978

Jason and me in the 1980 parade. That would be Jack driving us.

Date night 1982

My mom, Madeline and me cheer team 1984.

Jack rockin out on the guitar 1986

My brother Jeremy rockin out

My mom's senior portrait 2000

Jeremy, class picture 2000

Jack, class picture 1986

Madeline class picture 1986

Jason, class picture 1996

and me...class picture 1962

Hope you enjoy ! =)



Bonnie said...

I think I like datenight the best.
Too cute! My mom is here signed into her gmail, so I'm using her identity b/c i'm too lazy to type my stuff in :)
love ya. and your pictures!! Nancy

LeighAnne said...

Those are too cute. I love the one of Jack from the 1980's, it was so cute!! Have a great day!!