Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lovin My Life...

I love days like today...we have no where to go, the weather is beautiful, and the kids are full of energy (and I am too after lots of caffeine) (= The kids helped me put dinner in the crock pot and outside we went to soak up the great sunshine. We had so much fun riding bikes, watching Jack drive his car, and getting squeamish at all the bugs Madeline was bringing to me. It was a fun day spent enjoying my kids (even when they were bringing me icky little bugs) I always try to read to the kids at nap time and bedtime, so today as our usual routine I started to read to Jack. Well he decided he was going to "read" to mommy. I love that he has memorized all the books and now is "reading" to me. I guess this just marks another milestone in his life. I can not believe that in just a few short days, Jack will be where has the time gone? Below are some pictures of Jack reading to Madeline when she got up from nap time today.

And last but no least, is a video. We have been experiencing some major sleep issues out of Madeline (we are finally getting a handle on them now) of the issues is that she does not stay in her big girl bed. One night she "snuck" out of her bed and went and got into bed with her brother. Of course when we walk in and see them both asleep it is hard to get upset...instead we grab the video camera.
Before you watch the video...I must tell you a few things:
1. Yes, Madeline is wearing Halloween pj's. Why you may ask...the answer is simple: because she wants to and I choose my battles. =)
2. The cool cardboard box on Jack's bed is a GI Joe fort that Jason constructed for Jack. Jack has had so much fun with his cardboard fort!
3. Yes, there are A LOT of toys on Jack's bed. It looks like that every night! He must have every single action figure he owns in the bed with him. No worries though, as soon as he is asleep, we take it all off.

Ok pause the music player and enjoy the video. If you have your volume up high enough you will even be able to hear them snoring. =)



Aimee said...

That video is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love it!! I am totally cracking up at all that junk on the bed. They are so peaceful with all those toys!!!! Aw, Jess, just let em' sleep together, that is too, too sweet.

Such a sweet post!

KristinRanae said...

Oh my gosh! NOW I want another baby!!! Ryn needs a sibling:(

LeighAnne said...

I agree with Amy, I don't see anything wrong with letting them sleep together! :) Too Precious!

So glad you all had a wonderful day.

Love & Hugs,

PS - I love that Jack is "reading"

The Allen Family said...