Monday, August 31, 2009

Praises For Progress!!

I am so HAPPY to report that Jack's eye continues to improve. We had another follow-up appointment today and I knew there was progress, but I had no idea just how much progress had been made. In 6 months, Jack's eye went from seeing 20/400 (only able to read the large E at the top of the chart) to now he can see 20/50! (huge improvement of being able to see several lines now!) Also, we have been patching for the amblyopia (lazy eye) and 6 months ago we started at 10 hours per day of patching the "good" eye. 3 months ago we were decreased to 6 hours. And today we have been DECREASED again to now only 3 hours!!! We are so thankful and excited for the progress. I know that Jack is even more excited to not have to wear the patch as much =) Praises for this improvement!!!!

Below is a picture of the kids going crazy in the waiting room...when you wait for an hour in a room the size of a closet this is what your kids do. They ate all the snacks I brought, played with all the toys and were tired of the tv...and this is what happens when they get tired of waiting and are ready to leave.


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