Monday, August 10, 2009


Today is our sweet little man's birthday! Jack is 5! My, oh my, I can not believe I have a 5 year really does seem to me that he should still be a newborn. Not a 5 year old getting ready to go to K-5 next month. Over the past few days Jason and I have been telling Jack all about what he was like as a baby. He loves to hear the stories and I love to tell them to him. I know that one day he will be "too cool" or "too busy" to hear mommy tell his "baby stories" but for now I am going to enjoy it as long as he lets me =)

In this post, I wanted to include some pictures of my little man as he has grown and changed over the last 5 years.

This was Jack the day he was born...that was a LONG day...I was sure glad when it was all over and the end result was this precious bundle of joy!

Here is Jack at about 4 months...we called him our chunky monkey. He loved to sit in daddy's lap and would often fall asleep there (well actually they both would)

This was taken at Jack's 1st birthday party. I went with a luau theme and had baby pools set up for the kids to play in.

Jack is about 14 months old here. This was the age he was when I quit working. I had missed out on so much of his life and I just could not do it another day...I am so glad and thankful for a supportive hubby that I am able to stay home now.

Here is Jack at 2 years old. At this age he loved everything Wiggles and Thomas the train. He would also play FOREVER outside on his little 4 wheeler if we let him.

Jack is 3 in this picture. At this age he still loves anything outdoors and Thomas the train. He loved to play with his train set.

Jack at 4 years old. This was a big year for Jack. His daddy was deployed while Jack was 3 and turned 4 half way into the deployment. This was a hard year on all of us, but Jack was a very sweet and strong little boy who loved and missed his daddy so much. He wrote him lots of letters, drew tons of pictures, and made countless craft projects for his daddy. At this age, Jack loved to drive his mustang, ride his bicycle, and of course play anything outside! Also at this age, Jack become very into action figures. He has a box full of them that he still takes to bed with him every night.

Jack at 4 1/2 years old. We had family pics taken when Jason returned home. I love this picture of can just see the happiness and relief in his face that his daddy is home.

And this was taken tonight at dinner...our big 5 year old!

We let Jack chose where to eat for his special birthday dinner...He of course chose his favorite Cracker Barrell =) Below are some pictures from dinner.

Daddy and Jack

Mommy and Jack

Granna and Jack

Pops and Jack

Uncle Zach and Jack

Jack and Madeline playing checkers.

Jack and Pops playing checkers.

and of course... a picture of our Madeline

Happy Birthday to the greatest 5 year old I know...we love you Jackson!!!!



Aimee said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I remember like yesterday being right there when you popped out!!!!!!!! Your mama's labor sent me into pre-term labor that same night!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah was just ready to come out and meet Jackson!!!

I can't believe you are 5. You have grown so fast!!!!!!!!

The Allen Family said...

so sweet... i think that jackson still looks very similar to his baby picture!!! he was a cutie right from the start :)

Nancy said...

Such sweet pictures. How quickly our kids have grown up! You & Jason have beautiful babies!