Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jack's B-day Party...Transforming Into A 5 yr old!!!

We celebrated Jackson's 5th birthday today with a "transformers" theme. With it being August in the south, we decided to make it a swimming party. (much thanks to my dad and Wendy for opening up their house and pool for our party) Jason grilled out hot dogs for us and my wonderful in-laws made homemade ice cream to go with the transformers theme cake. It was great! Jackson had so much fun swimming with his friends and opening presents. =)

Below are A LOT of pictures from today:

This is Jack's bedroom door. Last night after he went to sleep, I decorated it with bday signs and streamers. I just thought this would be an extra special way to show him how extra special that he is to us! This morning when he walked out of his bedroom he looked at the decor and kinda jumped back. He had no idea what was going on. After I explained to him that it was for his birthday, he said "Well, it scared me, but now it is just ok."

These are the party favors. I took water bottles and put a Transformer label on them that said "Thank you for coming to my party" The other favor is a chocolate candy bar with a Transformer label on it that also said "thank you for coming to my party", but they also had a picture of Jackson on them =)
Below are a few different pics of the party favors.

The kids swimming.

Braden, Chase, and Madeline

Chase and Jackson

Jack jumping off Pops shoulders.


daddy throwing Jack

daddy throwing Madeline

Tanner and Jack

Jack and his transformer birthday cake.

Jack blowing out his candles.

Madeline eating cake and ice cream.

Granna and Madeline

Zach, me, and Granna

Below are a few pictures of Jack opening his presents:

and of course...our Madeline being silly =)



Lisa said...

Looks fun. Hate we were not

Aimee said...

OH, I hate we missed this party!! I am loving all the little favors, so cute!!

Can you believe he is 5? Seriously. Where has the time gone?

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!! What a fun party!

I see Bradley in one of those pictures!! It makes me think of all of our danceline days together & lots of good laughs!