Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to K-5 Party

***I have been asked so many times if Jack was in school yet because he is 5....(it is funny to me how many people are concerned about this) anyway....Jason and I feel that Jack would really benefit from another year of pre-school so that he will be fully ready to attend regular school.****Ok, now that is out of the way, on with the blog. =) This weekend we attended a Welcome to K-5 party that was held at the school Jack is going to be attending this year. The kids had so much fun! The fire truck was there, complete with firemen and Sparky the Dog. Madeline would not have anything to do with Sparky (she hid behind me the whole time) The kids were able to climb inside the truck and explore. Madeline of course our little explorer, managed the find the one button that was not to be pushed and she pushed it. =) After the fire truck, the kids were able to explore an 18 wheeler. They loved running around in the trailer of the truck...who knew that would be so much fun? After that, we moved inside for the inflatable tunnel and slide. This of course was a big hit! And we finished off the party with ice cream, cookies, and juice. It was a great time! Jack's buddies were there and we are so excited that they will be in his class this year. Jack is excited for school to start! Below are a few pictures from the party.

My big boy! I can not believe he will be going to K-5 in just a little over a week.

Jack and Sparky the dog.

Jack sitting inside the fire truck.

Jack and Madeline sitting on the back of the fire truck.

Madeline "driving" the big 18 wheeler.

Jack playing on the inflatable slide.

and of course, Madeline's turn to slide.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures =)



Nancy said...

Is that a BR Williams truck?!?! I miss them so much! I miss our lunches, Jessica!
I don't blame you on school, Mom's & Dad's know when their kids are ready. He's such a cutie!!

LeighAnne said...

My best friends little girl didn't turn 5 until August 4th and even though she could have started school, Lorie decided to send her to preschool for another year. I think it is the best idea. :) It will benefit him SO much in the long run. Have a great week sweetie.