Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aimee and Jami

My friends Aimee and Jami will be leaving Friday for a mission trip to minister to orphans in the Ukraine. I ask that you will please follow their blog (link on the right under Aimee and Jami) They will be using their blog to update about their week and to raise AWARENESS about adoption. I ask you to not only join to me in following their blog, but also join me in praying for Aimee and Jami. Pray that Aimee and Jami's source of strength is God's word and that in God's word they will be firmly anchored. Pray that during this trip they will not grow weary. Pray for the orphans with whom they will be meeting. Pray that there will be fruit from these meetings. But most of all...pray that God will be glorified in this trip!


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