Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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Last week the kids and I went to Navarre Beach with Jason's family. (Jason joined us at the end of the week) It was a great vacation (even with a tropical storm and lots of rough waves and rain) The kids had a lot of fun! Below are a "few" of my favorite pictures from our vacation. Pops and Jack asleep in the back seat. Madeline...this was probably the only time during the whole 6 hour drive that Madeline was not crying or pitching a fit. The kids convinced Eric to build a GI Joe fort using the couch cushions =) On our first full day at the beach we woke to Tropical Storm warnings. It was not too bad. Just wind and rain. Above is a picture of the waves crashing up on the Pier. Here is picture of the rain beating against the window. Zach found a light bulb washed up on shore. The waves got pretty big. A big log that washed up on shore. After everything cleared, I took Jack out for a walk on the beach. The kids convinced Pops to go swimming with them after the tropical storm passed. I was not falling for it, but Pops would do anything for these kiddos and so he went swimming. You can tell by the look on Jack's face just how cold the water is. =) Jack loves the beach! lil Miss...check out that build a bear sun bathing in the background (how cute is that!) Madeline posing for a quick picture after we got back from eating out. Jack taking a quick picture so he could get back to climbing the log. Jack and Granna Granna, Jack, and Madeline Jack, Madi, and Me Jack Madeline Pops with Jack and Madi Pops, granna, Jack and Madi Jack Madeline Jack, Madi, and me Jason and Jackson...he loved having daddy to do cannonballs with. Jason and Madeline...she loved having daddy to swim with. Jack and daddy Jack and Madeline eating a sno ball in the hot tub. =) Jack doing his famous "cannonball" You must know that as Jack is jumping in the pool he is shouting as loud as he can "CannonBall" It is so funny! ;) Pops and Jackson Madeline getting a ride from daddy. Pops. Jason, Jack and Madeline Madeline not looking too happy...must have been close to naptime. Jack wearing some goggles that were as big as he is =) Madeline at the Crab trap Jack at the Crab Trap

Below is a video with just a few seconds of footage during the tropical storm. You can mostly hear the wind and kinda get a glimpse at how big the waves are (though this footage does not really give you a good idea of just how big the waves are) **Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom**


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