Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Anniversary

Our 9th anniversary was this week. Since it was in the middle of the week, we waited till last night to go on a "hot" date. I <3 getting to go out on dates with my hubby! (sure am gonna miss that) We decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory because J had not ever ate there. I did not eat much the entire day because I knew we would get A LOT of food (and boy did we ever get A LOT of food) It was so yummy but my fave part was definitely the cheesecake...Out Of This World! It was so nice not to be rushed and actually enjoy our food. After dinner we walked around the stores (of course that meant stopping in the apple store and playing with the Ipads...yea, I definitely want one of those) It was so nice walking around, holding hands, and just window shopping. Somehow we ended up in a kids store looking at kids clothes (how do I always manage to do that??) It was still fun though and I am so thankful we had that time.

Below are some pics:

Our wedding day =)

My beautiful anniversary roses.

Us after our date night.

Red Velvet Cheesecake...Oh...My....Word! It was unbelievable! We shared this piece and could not even eat half of it. We brought the leftovers home to the kids and they ate it all up. ;)



Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dave and Ashley said...

Alright, so totally jealous you got to go to cheesecake factory. Good choice with the red velvet.

And most importantly, happy, happy anniversary and here's to many more1

The Allen Family said...

happy anniversary!!

we love the cheesecake factory- definitely lots of food huh? (they have huge portions), but very, very yummy!!

btw... we watched our wedding video the other day (like you said y'all do) and bryce keeps asking to see mommy and daddy on tv!!! isn't it so cute those little minds!!!

glad y'all had a fun date night!!

Bama Belle said...

Happy Anniversary and it sounds like a great date night to me!!!!