Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Career Day

This week is Drug Free week at the school my little boy attends. Each day this week has a "theme"

Monday~Crazy Sock Day
Tuesday~Career Day
Wednesday~Pajama's Day
Thursday~Wear your Favorite football team shirt
Friday~School Colors

Jack is loving this week! Monday he wore one spider man sock and one regular sock...he thought that was just the funniest thing ever! For career day I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up...He immediately replied, "I want to be a hero like my daddy" (yea, I got teary eyed) Well, that was not a problem, I thought he could wear his uniform...(thought is the key word) On Monday (the day before he needed to wear it) I discovered his uniform is a size 4...Jack is wearing a size 7...not going to work. Unfortunately there is not a base closer than 2 hours from us so running to the PX was not an option. I lucked out though, there is a great military supply store in town so I headed there (30 minutes before it closed) I got Jack a new uniform (pants size 8 and top size 10!) I also got him patches like his daddy and uncle. Since it was almost closing time, I was not able to get the name strips for the top, but they are being made and I will add those to the uniform. =)
And lucky me, my mother in law was able to sew the patches on the uniform. It looked just perfect! Jack was so very excited to get to school! Below are some pictures:

Jason had this hat made for Jack during deployment #2...I thought it went perfectly!

Still planning to post very soon pics from Farewell Lunch and Send Off...for some reason, blogger has not let me post pictures until today so I have a lot of catching up to do.

We are doing pretty good...there are still some tough times, but we are working on getting on a schedule and that is really helping. Of course the stomach virus threw that way off, but thankfully that has passed.

Now if only all these tornadoes would get passed and bring some cooler weather...hig 80s at the end of October is just wrong.



Wife of a Sailor said...

That is sooo awesome! He looks fantastic!

Nancy said...

He is such a cute hero!! That is so cute on him! Glad you are doing good. I think about you every. single. day!!!
I'll call you next time we come to Oxford! Love you!!