Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello Murphy...

Hello's only been a little over a year since you last graced us with your presence, are you really back so soon?

Trust me, we have not missed you....AT ALL

Hubby has not even been gone a week yet. I am still in the "my husband just left" fog. You, Murphy, are suppose to wait a little while before bringing all your joy to my house. Guess you were just too excited to come visit huh????

Sorry for the little conversation with Murphy's Law. Just trying to find some humor in all this.

Quick case you did not already know my husband and my brother left earlier this week for deployment. It has officially started and the (very long) countdown is on. I have been absent from blog world (and pretty much everything else) This deployment, for whatever reason, is really hitting hard on me and the kids. Right now I am just trying to keep up and take care of them. I do hope to update with pictures of our last week together as well as the ceremonies and send-offs. I also am planning on catching you up on what life has been like the last few days. It's not pretty...and I am just not ready to write about it yet...but I will. (There's something therapeutic for me about writing it all down)

Anywho...we all know that when hubby leaves Murphy likes to come in and fill the spot, am I right??? Well Murphy is already here...sheesh...
I was awakened early this morning (1am) after having just finally fallen asleep at 12:30 to the sound of my little boy crying and saying mommy I am sick. My immediate thought..."This is just a dream, this is just a dream" Nope, no such luck. Not a dream. Jack has stomach virus...probably the worst one I have ever seen him have. I will spare the details, but lets just say neither one of us have had any sleep at all. He has still as of 8am not kept anything in his system. I have washed 2 sets of sheets, cleaned the carpet 3 times, changed both of our clothes 4 times (each), washed walls and doors, and am well on my way to using an entire can of lysol.
Now the princess has awakened and is ready to go. How can any one human being have this much energy???

Jack is so is his last soccer game and his soccer party. He is sad to miss, but I think his friends (and their mommy's) will be glad we stayed away. After his last "episode" he said does this mean no church tomorrow either. Sorry buddy, no church either (for the same reason as above, as much as we like to share...we will try not to share this) Ugh! But, as sleep deprived as we are and as much as I hate to see my buddy sick, I think we could use a lazy day. Maybe this is God telling us to slow down and just be.

So Murphy, welcome to our house...again...I have not missed you at all. Could you do me a favor though??? If you won't leave, would you please take it easy on me??? Things are pretty hard right now without you showing out. Thanks.



Nancy said...

Oh no! I love how real you are though. :) When I saw this title, I thought of Murphy Brown from our house in Indian Oaks :)
I hope & pray his sickness is done & that you & Madi don't get it. I hope you all get a good nap today.
Love you, Friend.

Jenifer said...

God love you both! It always seems like things happen at our house when Daddy is gone too! Dang Murphy!

Even though I hate when my little ones are sick, in a way I relish the fact that we get to be at home and no one faults us for being out of the hustle and bustle. It's then acceptable to miss events, etc and everyone understands. Sometimes it's the only downtime I get where nothing outside of my house is expected of me.

Praying that Murphy stays faaaaaarrrrrrrr away!

Shelly said...

ugghh. That sounds like such a tough night for both of you. I hope Murphy leaves you alone ASAP!

Crystal said...

Praying for you and your babes!

Miss E said...

oh no :( I hope he feels better soon! I hope Murphy doesn't stay around too long!

The Allen Family said...

ugh... hope y'all got some good rest and will be able to sleep good tonight and feel better in the morning!!! praying for y'all and that little miss madi doesn't get sick too...