Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Look At Her Go!

I am so proud of our sweet Madeline...she learned how to ride her bike this week without training wheels!  I can not believe it...

I can not believe she will be 5 next week!  Where has the time gone???  Seems like she should still be bouncy like crazy in her jumpy thing...not riding a bike without training wheels...sigh
Below are some pictures of her big ride:

Daddy helping her get started:

And she is off:

Look at her go:

She was so happy to be riding like a big girl!

Big brother Jack ran along side of Madeline to make sure she was ok:

Madeline and mommy:

Madeline and Daddy (this picture makes me smile):

Jack and Madeline:

ok, confession time

The pictures above are not from her first time riding without training wheels..she did that on Monday...these pictures were taken on Tuesday.  See I took pictures on Monday with my camera phone, went to upload them, and my phone went ka-poot.  Seriously, black screen with nothing but the apple sign....I tried everything.  Charging-would not charge. Turning off-would not turn off.  Restore-declined. Took it to the "professionals" they could not do it either.  I seriously tried everything.  Sooo....I got a much needed new phone!  YAY!  I had the original iphone.  The original that came out over 2 yrs ago.  Yes, that was my phone.  Has been for over 2 yrs.  So it was seriously time to upgrade.  I now have the 4!  yay!  I am loving it...BUT...I lost everything!  everything :(  contacts, data, and pictures :( 
So...we had to re-create the events of Monday.  (I know nobody would ever know that if I had not shared, but ...I think it is kinda funny now so I wanted to share) 

Well, I am off to play on my phone and try to contact my friends so I can get their info back in my friends, if your reading this, email me your info, please =)



Nancy said...

All of those need to be blown up & framed!! How precious! She looks so tall & her hair is so long, she's going on 8 or 9, right!?! HA!

Our Little Fam said...

dang phones! glad you have a new one now. Way to go Madeline!! So cute!