Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Time = Baseball

I love this time of the blooming, leaves back on the trees, grass is green....and baseball :)

We are in full swing of baseball season around here.  Jack has moved up to the pitching machine league.  He is really enjoying it!  I am enjoying it too!  I love to watch the kids play, especially this year because their not "babies" anymore needing a lot of coaches out on the field instructing them what to do.  It amazes me the abilities of some of these boys. 

We have been practicing for a while now.  When we are not at organized team practice, we are at the batting cages practicing hitting, in the yard working on fielding and catching, or in the yard with the hitting stick and ping pong balls (heard this helps and so far we have really seen an improvement)

On top of organized practices and practices on our own, our team has been playing practice games.  I am so glad that we are doing this.  It is really giving the boys and coaches an idea of where we need to focus.  Tournaments are starting this weekend and then regular season kicks off after spring break. 

So, as you can tell...there has not been much time for updating the blog.  We have been darting between ball and dance...and all the usual stuff. 

Here are a few pictures of Jack practicing with daddy one afternoon.

So, what do you enjoy about spring?


Nancy said...

Right there with you, my friend!!
We're there almost every night!

Our Little Fam said...

Aw, how cute! Love the pictures, he is a stud! Love spring :) So glad it is here

Kayla Sue said...

For us it's softball season :) I just love sitting on the bleachers watching the boys play! Yay spring!