Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sweet Story to Share

I have a sweet story that I want to share.

It's a story that puts a smile on my face.

A story about this sweet young man:

We were on spring break last week and took the kids to Disney World.  We have been planning this trip since J returned from Afghanistan.  The kids have been so excited about going and saving their money to buy prizes. Jack saved around $15 and Madeline saved probably $2 (hehe)  The days and weeks leading up to our trip the kids were getting more and more excited (can you blame them???)
Jack came home from school one afternoon and as I was asking him the usual questions about his day and if he and his friends were excited for spring break.  As he was sharing with me about his day, he shared a sweet story.
Jack said everyone in his class was talking about what they were doing over spring break.  Jack said he told his teacher that he was going to Disney World.  He had a big smile on his face and said that his teacher wanted to go to disney too.  This is the sweet part...Jack said, "Mommy, since Mrs. Young can not go to Disney World with us,  I want to buy something from there for her."  to which I replied that I thought that was a great idea and we will search for her something perfect.  Jack then said, "Ok, it can't cost more than $15 though because that is all I have saved up"  Melt.  My.  Heart.  My sweet boy  not only wanted to get his teacher a gift, but he wanted to use all the money he saved up to get her something.  And I will have you know, he did get her something.  He searched every single day we were there.  I tried to help him choose a gift, but he did not like anything I picked (of course, right?)  He thought about Mrs. Young every day and looked at all the stores for just the perfect gift for her.  He was so excited to get back to school this week to give her the special gifts he chose just for her.  Jack loves school and he loves his teacher...I love his teacher too. We have been so blessed with great teachers...I am so thankful for the foundation they are laying and valuable tools they are teaching.  I am also so thankful for this sweet young man J and I are raising.



Jenifer Parris said...

Love it! What a sweet boy with a precious heart! Speaks volumes about you and Jason as parents and about Mrs Young as a teacher.

Karren said...

Ditto to the comment above! That was very thoughtful and sweet of him! And it shows y'all are definitely doing something right :)

Our Little Fam said...

Aw, what a sweetie! That is too precious. Sounds like a fun spring break!

Nancy said...

Such a precious love he is!! He is SO good, just like his Mommy & Daddy.
The apples don't fall far from the tree, my sweet friend.

Holly said...

This made me cry just a little bit. What a lucky teacher to have such a precious little fella!

The Allen Family said...

how sweet! what a precious heart!!!!

The Allen Family said...

how sweet! what a precious heart!

Jennifer Bice said...

Sweet boy! You are raising a fine young man!