Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Play Ball

Jack's first season playing AA (also known as pitching machine) baseball has come to an end. It has been such a fun and busy season. Even though some days I felt like I did not know if we were coming or going, it was all worth it. Jack loves playing baseball and has such a great attitude about it. I love watching him play. I have loved watching how much he has grown and improved over this season. I was a little sad when Jack played his last game this past weekend...but I am not sad anymore...we found out a couple days ago that Jack made all stars! YAY! We were VERY surprised about this, especially since it is his 1st season in this league (not to mention the fact he is a 1st grader playing against boys in the 3rd grade) Jack is so excited too! He can not wait to play all-star ball this summer. The other day I was thinking about how much "free" time we were going to have this summer and having all these thoughts of fun activities for the kids...well, looks like I will be adjusting those plans slightly (hehe) but it will be worth it. I am just glad that J will be here for the first couple games at least. (I know some of you reading this are going "what? he's leaving again?" yes, he will be stateside for some schooling. I have not shared all that news on here, but that post is coming)

  So, in honor of the end of regular season and the start of All-Stars, here are a few pictures of my Jack from this season:

Jack and Daddy:

up to bat:

waiting on that perfect pitch:

My sweet Jack:

playing catcher:

playing 3rd base:

got a hit and headed to 1st:

So, it's looking like the first part of summer will be spent at the ball park...what your plans for summer vacation?


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Natasha said...

We too will be spending time at the ball park with pee wee and minor league games. VBS will be coming up after ball season. We will end by beginning soccer! Summers are fun and just as busy as the rest of the year!