Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I feel so blessed to be a mommy.  There is absolutely nothing better to hear, than the sound of "mommy" coming out of the mouth of my children...unless its one of those whiny "mommy" know the one where someone is about to tattle, or complain, or fuss...:)  oh the joy's of being a mommy.  I love it all though and would not change it for anything in the world.  It all goes way too fast though.

I had a fabulous mother's day!  J got us all breakfast (not breakfast in bed, I am always the first to rise in our house-because you know a mother's work is never done), but it was still nice to have someone else do breakfast :)  The I got to open home made cards from everyone.  I LOVE homemade cards.  I love to see my kids creativity and the funny things they write.  Even J made me a homemade card.  Then I got to see all the projects, crafts, drawings, and mother's day interviews the kids completed at school.  One of my favorites "How do you know your mom loves you?" Jack answered "because she feeds me"  hehe    My mom also helped the kids make me some "coupons" that I can cash in for different stuff.  One of my favorite coupons came from Madeline and it said "I wish to give you a back rub" hehe....I told her that I wish for her to give me a back rub too.  Have I mentioned that I love being a mommy?  I also got a pretty rose straight off our rose bush (yay for having a rose bush!) and a gift certificate for a pedicure!  Can. not. wait. to. use. that! 

My day continued to be great...we went to church, then had a yummy meal prepared, cooked and cleaned up by J, his dad, his brother, and his granddad.  After that we went to visit my mom.  A really great day full of getting to hear my children say "Happy Mother's Day" all day long.  Too sweet! 

Below is a picture of my little sweeties before we went to church:

and this is what they REALLY look like when I take out the camera....(never a dull moment)

And of course, I have to share this picture. I guess it wore J out taking care of all that stuff for Mother's Day, ha!

Of course, this mother's day I had friends on my mind...friends who recently lost children and would be spending their first mother's day without their child, friends who recently lost their mother and would be spending their first mother's day without their mom, and friends whose husbands are deployed and are alone on mother's day.  Such a heavy heart for each of them and how I prayed for them to be comforted on that day. 

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! 



Shelly said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a great mother's day. You deserve it!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad they showered you with love on Mother's Day!!
I think J & Josh must have learned to sit in their recliners like that at Saks. Don't they know that is bad for their backs? I always tell Josh I'm giving his to Hannah Homes :) But I never do!

Happy Mother's Day to you, my dear friend!!