Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Back to School Time

Yesterday was the first day back to school for kiddos in our area.  Hard to believe that summer is officially over for us and the hustle and bustle of fall/school is now upon us. 

The kids were very excited to get back to school.  They were excited to meet their new teachers and see who will be in their classes. 

Here is their picture before we loaded up in the car to go to the school:

Miss Madeline...our first grader!  She loves cheerleading (she is currently taking tumbling and on a competition cheer squad), chevron, everything glittery and sparkly, riding her bike, and baking.  She is so excited for first grade and that she will have her brother's first grade teacher.

Mr. Jack ..... our big third grader!  How is that even possible???? Jack is looking forward to 3rd grade because several of his friends are in his class and because in 3rd grade, they change classes. (just between two teachers, but never the less, it is changing classes)  Jack loves everything about baseball (he is currently in a throwing class and was just picked up for a fall travel team), he loves Alabama football (thanks to his daddy), his favorite subject in school is math and science.  He also enjoys playing his video games.

I am excited to see what the school year has to hold for these sweet kiddos.  I look forward to watching them learn, grow, and make new friends.  I pray for them each day that God will protect their precious little hearts.  That He will guide them and instruct them.  And that they will go in to each day remembering "Triple G"  Give God the Glory (in everything they do, I pray they give God the glory)


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Nancy said...

Aren't they growing so fast!? So neat to see.
I love the "C" they gave you on your front door behind the beautiful little loves!