Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What A Week!!!

The title of this post should probably be what a month instead of what a week!  July has been an incredible month for us.  God has really showered us with blessings...blessings that I am so undeserving of, but yet so grateful for.

The month started off with our sweet Jack asking Jesus to come into his heart.  Then we went on our annual beach trip with my in laws.  We had a great time.  So relaxing!  While on vacation, J was offered (and he accepted) a job.  August will mark one year that J has been looking for a job.  I know most of you reading this had no idea we were going through that.  It has not been something we shared publically.  I do have a post I want to share about that whole situation, but just have not had time to write it yet.  We are extremely thankful for this new job.

Also this month is band camp at the local high school where I am the dance line sponsor.  My days (and afternoons and evenings) are spent at the school teaching dance routines and drill formations on the field.  It is 8am-8pm this whole week, so I do not have much time for anything else (plus I am too tired, lol) 

My birthday was yesterday so it landed right in the middle of band camp.  Everyone was so precious to me the whole day.  At one point when we were on the football field learning formations, the entire band sang Happy Birthday to me.  It was awesome!

My dance line girls also got me a cake and ice cream at dinner at which time everyone sang again.  So precious!  J and the kids brought me dinner to band camp so they got to meet some of the great band members (and listen to all their silliness)

Picture of two of my sweet girls and the yummy cake:

J and the kids got me some great birthday gifts.  A bakers rack for my patio and a giant letter C for the front door.  I can not wait to use them both!  yay!!!
And as if this month has not been exciting enough.....God has given us another blessing....

We are having....

Guess it is time to rethink the name of this blog since we will no longer be, Just 4 Crows



Natasha said...

Congratulations! You have definitely been blessed in some amazing ways. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy!

Jhona O. said...

I am so happy for you and your family...congratulations!!! So wonderful to read how God has been blessing your family.

I'll Love You Forever said...

Happy Birthday!! Congratulations on #3, so exciting!

Nancy said...

I can't wait to hear about Jason's job & this post makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!
What a wonderful surprise! Love you!!