Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tears of Joy

You see the young man in this picture:

I have some awesome news that I want to share about him.

This week Jack and Madeline have been attending VBS.  They always love this time of the year and I am always impressed with all the things that they learn.  Each night when they come home, they are so excited to tell me all about what they have been learning (this week it has been about Moses....nothing sweeter than listening to my babies share bible stories).  Last night when the kids came in with daddy, Jack and J had the biggest grins on their faces.  I could not wait to find out what it was about...I just had a feeling it was something great...and boy was I right.  It was the BEST news I have ever heard!  Our Jack prayed the prayer of salvation and asked Jesus to come and live in his heart forever!  When Jack told me, immediately I began to cry tears of joy!  What a blessing!  What a gift! 

I could not wait to share this exciting news with our friends and family!  After we talked with him a while and offered prayers of thanksgiving for this huge blessing, we called and texted our friends and family to share this with all of them.  Everyone is so happy for Jack and proud of his decision.  We are too! 

Since the day that both of my children were born, I have prayed over them and that they would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have always kept the line of communication open with our children.  We talk to them often about salvation and encourage them to ask us questions.  My intention has never been to manipulate or push them into a decision.  The kids have always asked questions, but even when Jack would ask spiritual questions, I did not want to pressure him to pray about being saved.  I wanted him to think.  I wanted him to talk with someone else who could be freely and fully objective to his understanding and his comprehension. I wanted him to talk with someone else so they could discern if there was a real concern, a real conviction, a real desire in seeking God. 

We have really been talking about it in depth for over a year now.  Each time his questions became more and his understanding seemed to increase as well.  Each time, I would encourage him to talk with someone at church and also to pray about it.  I never wanted him to feel any pressure.  I wanted him to come to this freely and because he felt conviction...not because it is the right thing to do or to make mommy happy.  I can not even begin to describe the joy and elation I felt last night when he shared with me the decision that he made.  It was absolutely precious.  To hear him tell me that "mommy, I am a child of God and one day I will live with Him in heaven"  Praise the Lord!  Yes, my son, you will!!! 

Now, I know some people who see this may think to themselves, can a child who is only 8 years old really get it?  Can they really be saved?  My answer is YES!  They absolutely can...they can the same way, with the same basis, and with the same gospel message ANYONE of any age can be saved.  I hear questions like, does he really know?  Does he get it?  My response is, do any of us really know all the answers?  Not even close and I would not dare pretend too.  Here is what I know:  we have a relationship with Christ because He first loved us therefore we can love Him.  We have a relationship with Christ because we do not want to live without Him not because we know all the answers.  We will not know all the answers here on earth BUT that does not mean we should ever stop searching for Him and knowing Him. 

As parents it is up to us to introduce to our children about Christ's love for them.  God will make Himself known to them- His word tells us that.  He will love them and He will convict them drawing them unto Himself.  In that time, they will call out to Him.  He will see and know their heart.  He will know their intent.  As parents we can not see those things the way He can.  But, as parents, we are to encourage the growth of the relationship, not rush it....just encourage it. 

I am beyond happy and proud of my sons decision.  But the work does not stop here.  I don't stop sharing with him what I know about Christ.  This is our chance to grow together in our walk.  To learn from each other and to encourage each other.  I can honestly say that "I have no greater than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth" 3 John 1:4 



Natasha said...

What wonderful news! So proud of him for making that decision.

Nancy said...

What an amazing boy with amazing parents to guide him. My heart could burst for you!

Amy said...

Oh, that's such great news!!!!