Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th

We had a really good 4th of July, even if it was a very rainy day.  We had hoped to do some of the typical outdoor summer stuff, like swimming, but that did not work out thanks to all the rain we have been and are getting around here.  We did manage to lay around and watch some movies though, which is just as fun :)  We also were able to grill some yummy burgers and hot dogs,  eat some homemade ice cream, and finish the day off with our own little fireworks show (courtesy of J and his brother).  All in all it was a fun day and we did not let the rain damper it. 

Below are a few pictures I snapped with my camera phone:
This is a flower bed in front of our house.  I always line it with flags

Here are the kiddos posing with the fireworks:

And here is the kiddos and me:

Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!

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