Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby #3 Update

Just realized I have not shared any baby updates in a while.

Pregnancy is going good.  I can not get over how fast it has gone.  I guess keeping up with all our activities does not leave much time for anything else...boy how crazy life is going to be when we throw a new wee little one in to the mix. 

I am at 34 weeks now.  Less than 6 weeks until my due date.  I have not ever made it to my due date before.  Although, I have joked that this child is going to be the one to go past due date (oh goodness how I -and J - hope not) I am trying to convince the little man that arriving the week of spring break would be ideal....lets see if he listens to momma or has a mind of his own??? 

All of my check ups have been going fairly well.  Weight gain has been good, especially since I have been on limited activity this pregnancy (meaning no exercising), my bp has been normal every visit except last one when it was actually low so I am just keeping a check on that, Baby heart rate has been great (he is such an active little fellow), and no changes in blood clot.  Will is head down so that is good news as well.  As due date approaches I do have questions about the clot and how that is going to effect delivery.  Of course I am praying for no effect at all so we shall see. I have my last bi weekly appointment this week then it is time to move on to the weekly appointments.  YAY!

Here are a few pictures to share:

This is me last week at 33 weeks:

We have been doing a lot of rearranging in the house to prepare for Baby Will.  J got me a new wood closet organizer for our closet.  Here is a pic of him putting it together.  It is all together and I am just about finished putting the closet in order (there was a lot of cleaning out that had to be done first).  I will share the process soon!

J found this amazing wardrobe at the thrift store near his work.  It is by broyhill and it matches our bedroom furniture.  He got it for baby Will to use as a closet for now. 

For now, Jack and Will are going to share a bedroom.  We have a full finished basement, but no way is Jack ready to move down there (nor am I ready for him to either)  Because of the limited space, we thought building Jack a loft bed would maximize the space in his room and give him his own little area free of baby brother for the time being.  I could not find a bed that I like and was in the budget so we decided the best thing to do was to build it ourselves.  The whole family got in on the project.  Below is a picture of the preparing process.  I finished the last coat of paint on it this past weekend so today is assembly day.  I will share this finished project soon as well.

So, I think that is about all that has been going on prep wise around here.  In addition to all this, baseball is starting up again and Madi is trying out for a new competition cheer team....did I mention life is wild??? Hold on baby Will life is fun and never dull around here!


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