Sunday, August 24, 2008

Allie's wedding

Madeline and Allie the beautiful bride.

Madeline and Hannah Grace the cutest flower girls :)

Me, Madeline, Aimee and Hannah Grace

Lil Miss Madeline anxiously awaiting the start of the wedding.

Sweet smiles :)

This moment of rest only lasted a second...thank you Susan for capturing it :)

Time to walk down the asile. She had no problem with this at all.

Standing all by herself like a big girl! (and she is not even 2 yet)

Madeline did so good at Allie's wedding yesterday. I was so proud of her. She walked down the aisle and stood up at the front with the wedding party just like she was supposed to do. She really did a great job...until she saw me taking pictures. When Madeline saw me she squealed MOMMY and took off running for me, slipped and fell (poor thing) She came away with only minor scrapes and cuts, but she only cried because she dropped her bucket. :) Jason said that is his girl for being tough :)

Allie, I am so happy for you and Rob! You looked so beautiful! We love you!


Aimee said...

Great pics!

The girls did so good! Sorry Madi about those boo boos.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Madeline. She looked so sweet!


LeighAnne said...

Hey Jessica,

It is so good to hear from you! I am soo excited to hear that you read my blog and it has been so fun reading yours and getting caught up on your life! You have a precious and beautiful family. I am so glad we can stay connected with our blogs!! :) By the way - you are so brave to have a husband oversea's. Blake and I will be praying for you both everyday. You are my hero!! :)

Alan,Tasha,Allie,Zach said...

The pics are so good!! Madeline looked so cute and we were so glad to have her and Hannah in the wedding!! She did awesome, sorry about the boo boos!! You'll never know how much it meant to us to have everyone with us on Allie's special day, even if it was during a tropical storm!! What memories!! Please remember them in your prayers as they start their new life together!Hugs for all! Tasha

Jill said...

Madeline looks adorable! Maybe one day I'll have a little girl to dress up. :) By the way, I tagged you in my last post. Read it and then post yours. :)

LeighAnne said...

I can't wait to see your "Yearbook" yourself pictures. They are going to be so cute. I'll keep checking back in for a new blog!!