Friday, August 15, 2008

Choose Your Battles...

A lesson I am learning (sometimes the hard way) is that I have to choose my battles. I used to think that it was important to always dress in a certain way (the way society tells us that we need to look) and I have found myself pushing those same beliefs onto my children. When in all honesty it really does not matter at all right? So, I often let Jackson choose what he is going to wear. Today I was taking Jackson to get a haircut and I told him to go get his shoes on....well instead of the flip-flops or the clogs, he comes out in his rain boots. OK, it is not raining today, nor is there even a chance of rain in the forecast...I think to myself "oh my, Jackson I sure do wish you would wear some different shoes" but I just smiled at him instead. I did remind him that the shoes were about 2 sizes too small for him, but he really wanted to wear them so he did :). I did have to intervene on one part of his attire though, he was wearing goggles. I convinced him that the goggles were not a good idea since he was getting a haircut (you know they might get in the way or something).
Jackson has really been my source of sanity the past couple of days. Yesterday when the car broke down on us and I was overwhelmed and crying this is our conversation:
Jackson - "Mommy are you OK?"
Me - "No , Jackson not really"
Jackson - "Mommy are you crying?"
Me - "Yes, Jackson I am, mommy is frustrated right now"
Jackson - "Mommy JUST DROP IT"
Me - stopping crying and starting to laugh a little "Jack what did you say?"
Jackson - "I said just drop it mommy"
Me - laughing/crying now....where does he get this from????
Jackson- "Mommy is the car broken?"
Me - "Yes baby it is broken"
Jackson - "Mommy just go get that blue car we saw on the toy commercial" (He is referring to the Toyota commercial we saw on TV earlier that day)
Leave it to my 4 year old to help me see the humor in his little mind I can simply go to the car lot and get a different car :) If only I could see the world through the eyes of my child.


Anonymous said...

That is too sweet. I'm sitting here reading it with tears in my eyes.....


Anonymous said...


I know what you mean about choosing your battles and I know you have a few to choose from. I think he looks adorable in his rain boots.


Aimee said...

Choosing battles is a lesson I finally learned when baby #2 came around. Wish I would have learned it earlier!

Jackson is a doll. I am convinced that God tells these babies to say things that bring smiles to our faces. I know its silly, but Noah had said some of the most precious things just at the right time. He is my sanity!