Thursday, January 8, 2009

Follow Up from 1/7/09 post

I have received many emails and phone calls regarding my post from yesterday. Most of the comments I received were shock and skeptical. I know, I was too! I hesitated to blog about it, but I feel we need to know this information as it is going to affect a lot of us. A lot of you have asked for more information in regards to this law. I encourage you to follow the links below and read for yourself.

Click on this link to read the new law:

Click on this link to view FAQ's:

Click on this link to send an email or to call the CPSC:


Lisa said...

I'm gonna check this out. Thanks for the info. What will we do without consignments and thrift regular price? That would be horrible.

Jason and Jessica said...

Please check it out Lisa. I think we need to be informed about this.
It would be horrible if we did not have thrift stores and consignments!

Adam and Andrew's Mommy said...

Jessica -
They just posted a clarification today that resellers such as consignment stores and thrift stores do not have to certify their products. It appears they are after toys, cribs, etc. not clothing.

The Davis Family said...

OK This stinks. My children will just have to go naked but I am sure there is a law against that too.