Sunday, April 19, 2009

Having Fun at A Day

On Saturday Jason and I decided that we wanted to take Jack to the A Day game in T Town. We dropped Madi off to my mom (because we knew she would have much more fun with meme) and we met up with our good friends the Weathers. We had a lot of fun! Here are a few of the pictures of our day...

Jack and Noah .... I think the music was just a little too loud for them =)

Jason and Carlton getting the grill ready for our cook-out. Luckily the rain only lasted for a few minutes and the rest of the day was wonderful.

Aimee, me, and Annalee...I had a great time with you girls! I think we need to make this a tradition!!

This picture cracks me up! What do you think Noah and Jack are up to???

Jack, Noah, Lily, and Hannah Grace hanging out in the back of the car waiting on the rain to pass.

Jack and me riding on the shuttle to the Quad.

Jason and Jack on the way to the Quad.

I tried to get Jason to let me ride on his shoulders...he hesitated for a minute and then said "ok, but your so much taller than me that your feet would likely drag the ground" We had a great laugh about that and I decided that I could walk and just let Jack ride =)

Entrance into the stadium.

Jason, Jack, me, and The Bear

Jason, Jack, me, and Coach Stallings

Jason and Jack...we finally found some seats at the VERY top of the stadium.

Are you believing this?!? I mean seriously! What is this guy thinking??? This is just a practice game for Alabama...does this guy really have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon??? =)

The crimson team about to take the field.

Jack and me with 85,000 of our closest friends.

Sweet buddy...too much excitement for him.

Me with 2 of the cutest little girls in the stadium!

After a long day of tailgating, watching the game, going thru the muesum, and listening to roll tide, I have one thing to say.... War Eagle! =)

Hope you enjoy all the pictures!



Aimee said...

Did you hear Lily yesterday??? "Booo Au-Bun, Wolll Tide!" I need to get the preacher on you about submission. Your hubby would be so proud. LOL!!! CONVERT GIRL, CONVERT!!!


We had so much fun. Yes, this is a tradition. But, next year, you have to wear a Crimson shirt or you have to ride on the top of the van. LOL.

Maybe Madi will be able to come too!! And next year, I think we might need to leave at 6:00am just to get a good park. This ain't Auburn A-day, you know our fans show up, OH, yes, and so does ESPN.

Ok. OK. Enough is enough. I 'll quit. HEE HEE

Love you!!!

Crystal said...

I'm cracking up at Aimee's comment! Haha!

I love all the pictures and all of the crimson and white! :)

LeighAnne said...

It looks like you have had a really fun week. I enjoyed all the pictures from the concert and the game! :) So glad you are being able to enjoy your hubby and your family! You deserve it.

Love ya - LA

Melissa D. said...


I'm really concerned about your salvation! I mean, Everyone who is saved is a ROLL TIDE fan, and you're just being rebellious! You should repent, turn away from your wrong doings!! HAHA! You've been busy!! Looks like Lily is doing great, you guys look so happy! Glad you're having fun!

The Allen Family said...

hang in there girl... WAR EAGLE!!!!

you are a better woman than i am... what a sport :)

Beka White said...

Great pics....besides all the ugly shirts (except yours of course)! War Eagle-stay rebellious!