Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Trip

We made a quick trip to visit with my grandparents this week. It was so great to be able travel all 4 of us. We had a really good visit with my grandparents, but sure do wish we could have stayed longer. While we visited my grandparents, we also went to visit my uncle, whose dog just had puppies. They were so cute! I wanted to bring every last one of them home with me, but we did not. The kids enjoyed playing with the puppies, especially Madeline. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Jack giving the puppy a kiss.

Madeline giving the puppy a kiss.

Madeline sitting in Papaw's lap (the best seat in the house) =)

Mamaw Beth, Jack, Papaw, Madeline, and me

Jack, Papaw, Madeline, and me

Back last summer, I did a post about my papaw, asking for prayers for his health. Well I am asking for those prayers again. During our visit, we received some really hard news. My granddad's cancer has returned and it has spread. In just a very short amount of time, the cancer has spread to every bone in his body above his waist and in his big toe. Papaw will begin treatment on Monday. This will be a long, hard battle for papaw so I am asking for prayers for his strength. Papaw has a really positive outlook, so I ask that you pray he will continue to have this positive attitude. Pray for Mamaw Beth, as she will be the one taking him to treatment and the one who is taking care of him at home. We know the Great Physician is in control and are all completely trusting in that and holding fast to that peace. Thank you for the prayers!



Jenifer Parris said...

I am so sorry to hear that news. Your grandfather will be in my prayers.

Briana said...

They are definitely in my prayers!! Tell them both I love them and love you too!!! I loved visiting with Paw Paw and Maw Maw Beth!! They were the best!

Nancy said...

I will be praying, Jessica! He looks like the sweetest man. So happy that you 4 were able to go visit them together.

The Allen Family said...

papaw has our prayers!! i'm so glad y'all had a good visit!! how wonderful for jack and madeline to have the opportunity to know them!!!

Misty said...

Your grandparents look like the sweetest people! I will ask for prayer for both of them this Thursday night at our home group Bible study.

It's really great that your kids have had the chance to know their great grandparents. Nathan has one great grandmother and she adores him. I hope God delays her homegoing so that Nathan can grow up and have memories with her.

LeighAnne said...

What sweet pictures. Your grandparents look so sweet. I will be praying for your pawpaw! Love ya girl.

Barb said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. They will be in my prayers.