Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Granddaddy

Last weekend the kids, my mom, and I went to visit my granddaddy. We were so glad to get to spend the weekend with him and Mama Beth. I loved every minute of it...laying with him, talking with him, holding his hand, listening to him...just getting to spend quality time with a man who I hold VERY near and dear to my heart.
You may remember from previous posts that my granddaddy has been battling cancer. He has been battling it on and off since about 2002 if I remember correctly. The cancer had gone into remission twice...but...resurfaced...with a vengeance. My granddaddy's cancer started off in his prostate, then spread to his lymph nodes, then on to his bones, and we have been told to his organs. It really hit fast. The doctor's gave him about 6 months to live...I really do not think much about time frames. I KNOW the ONE who is in control and the time the Dr's gave is just an educated guess. During one of the conversations I was able to have with my granddaddy we talked about that. We talked about how we know that God is in control and that He knows our days...He alone knows exactly how many days each and everyone of us has remaining. We talked about how grateful we are that God is in control of this situation and how thankful we are that He is control because if it was left to us to control we would make a big mess of it. We talked at length about God's grace. We talked about how my granddaddy is ready to meet his Father and spend eternity with him. As hard as it is to watch my granddaddy go through this I take such comfort in knowing that I will see him again and together we will worship our Father. As much as it hurts me to watch my granddaddy suffer, I know that even during this suffering God is with us and He is being glorified. My mom rededicated her life to Christ, my granddaddy has been able to make amends with people from his past, and it has brought us all even more close. And those are just a few examples of how even in my granddaddy's suffering, Christ is being glorified...I can only imagine how during our remaining time together and beyond how much more He will be.

Below are some pictures of the kids with their great-granddaddy:

Jack, Papa Jim, and Madeline

Papa Jim and Madeline

Jack and Papa Jim

And check out this handsome man:

This was my granddaddy when he enlisted in the army in 1953. He served until he retired for 20 years and 29 days. He is a decorated War Hero after 2 tours in Vietnam. I also got to talk at length with him about his time in the service and some of the things he experienced. It was so great to talk to him about that. He gave me advise to pass on to Jason (to use when he deploys again) He also gave me advise on being the wife of a deployed soldier. I tear up just thinking about the things he shared with me. There are truly no words to express how wonderful it is to talk at length with him about those things.

We talked about A LOT of things...and I took A LOT of notes (like 4 pages front and back of notes) and I still do not feel like I got can I though...there is 74 years worth of knowledge and events to try and learn about.

We are going back this weekend...I pray that I am able to continue with our conversations. If not that is ok...just being with him will be enough. Papa Jim has been moved to a hospital. I am not sure of all the details, but there is something going on with his lungs and so hospice moved him to the hospital. Hospice said that his time frame is now looking like 3 weeks...again I do not hold much to "time frames" but in a weeks time it has gone from 6 months to 3 weeks. So we plan to spend as much time as possible until God calls my granddaddy home.

I ask that you please be in prayer for my granddaddy's comfort...he is in a lot of pain and it hurts me to see him in pain. Pray for my Mama Beth as she cares for her husband. Thank you!



Tamara said...

I am so glad you are getting to spend this time with him. You and your family will certainly be in my prayers.

Love you!

Nancy said...

I promise I will pray! For your safe travels, for him to feel no pain, for more memories to be made over the weekend, for your Mom & Grandmother...I'm praying for you, my friend & please let me know if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family my friend!!

Love yall,


Crystal said...

Praying for you and your famly, Jess!