Saturday, February 13, 2010


Much to our suprise, we got S-N-O-W yesterday!!!!
It is funny because on Thursday, I commented on a blog that we had not got any snow and I was jealous of those getting to play in the snow. Then a few hours after that, I found out we were under a winter weather advisory and were expected to receive 1-3 inches of snow! YAY! Of course I live with a skeptic (aka Jason) and he just kept laughing at me for being so excited. (look whose laughing now) =)
Well, I sent Jason to the store (not for milk and bread, but for chips and toilet paper...I know strange, but we were almost out and lets be honest, we do not want to run out of tp) HA!
Of course you can not mention the "S" word in Alabama and not expect madness...we got a call from Jack's teacher that his school was closed for Friday...he did not mind at all. J said the store was packed...with people getting milk and bread (not chips and tp) haha
Well...the weather man hit it right on! We got 2.5 inches of the beautiful white fluffy stuff!!! YAY!!!
We had A LOT of fun playing in it yesterday! We played so hard that Jack was asleep last night by 7:15.
Below are some pictures of our SNOW DAY 2010...

Madi making a snow angel.

Jack making a snow angel.

J with the kids

The kids and me

Jack has his snowball ready

Madi working on her snowball

Oh no! She has out =)

J and Madi rolling the snowball for the snowman.

Jack rolling his snowball.

I love this picture of the kids walking behind Jason =)

Putting the snowman together.

The kids helping put the snowman together.

A view of the woods behind our house...soooo pretty! We went for a long walk in the woods.

2.5 inches and it was still coming down =)

J and Madi working on the snowmen.

A little tree in our front yard.

J and Jack working on the snowmen.

Madeline sitting on top of the large snow ball that will become part of our snowman.

Jack's turn to sit on top of the large snow ball.

Our snowlady...I used flowers for her eyes, food coloring for her nose and lashes. I did not have any red food coloring so we used red jello made a HUGE mess which you will see in a minute...

Our snow-army-man...yes that is kevlar on his head...and take a look at his is a jaw bone from a deer...YUCK! This was created by Jason...imagine that huh???

J and the kids standing with our snow people...see the mess I mentioned that the red jello mix made? Oh well...the kids REALLY enjoyed eating the snow that the jello mix was on =)

We still have a lot of snow to play in today, so I am sure there will be another adventure in the woods, a snowball fight or two, and maybe another snowman...
We were to go see my granddaddy today, but the roads are closed so we will sit tight and hopefully go tomorrow.

The weather is calling for more snow tomorrow...this could get interesting! =)



Crystal said...

The snow was so much fun!!! And I love your snow lady!! Poor thing looked like she had a rough life though! ;)

K said...

Cute snowmen!! :) I wish it would snow where I am!