Monday, July 5, 2010

Focus On The Family

This week on Focus On The Family the focus is going to be on honoring the military and their families. Be sure to check out the radio show on Tuesday, July 6 and the webshow on Wednesday, July 7.

I am including the press release below, so you can read a little more about it. =)



Colorado Springs, CO -- The military and political impact of our troops gets media coverage everyday, but what about its effect on the lives of the military wives and children? Focus on the Family's newest interactive webcast, YOUR FAMILY LIVE! is inviting all active duty, reserve and retired military families to view and take part in a very special webcast honoring military families on Wednesday, July 7th at 2PM ET.

Viewers can log on to to watch the webcast live, actively participate by calling 1-888-465-6595 with question pertaining to military family life, or post a question to a live, online forum at The program is also archived for later viewing on the site.

The panel will include: Yvette Maher, Host & Sr. Vice President of Family Ministry; Dr. Juli Slattery, Family Psychologist at Focus on the Family; Mrs. Sara Horn, Founder and President of Wives of Faith, a national support organization for military wives; with Cindy Wynn of Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries; and Les Knotts, Lt. Colonel US Army (Retired) and U.S. West Field Director of Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries, helping teens on U.S. military installations around the world.

We encourage you to forward this information and attached video file to military families and others who have faithfully served their country by serving military families worldwide. Also, be a part of the Facebook Community by typing "Your Family Live" in the Facebook search box.

To arrange an interview, contact: Carrie Kintz at 719-531-3312 or

Here is the video:


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