Monday, July 12, 2010

FRG,Family Day, and an Update

This past weekend was the last drill weekend for my hubby's unit (before all the training begins) Since it was the last one, some of us wives in the FRG decided that we wanted to do something special for the soldiers. We were very fortunate that a local Jack's donated sausage biscuits and hashbrowns for all the soldiers. Below are a few pictures of the breakfast:

The donated breakfast for our terrific soldiers!

Jason and Eric enjoying the yummy breakfast =)

Below are a few pictures of the bags. The staff at Jack's took the time to write a special note on each and every single bag. How awesome are they?!? I must confess that when I got back in my car with the boxes of food I was just one of those proud patriotic moments and I could not help myself.

Me and Angela serving breakfast before drill.

Also this past weekend, my hubby's unit had a Family Day at a local museum and park. It was a lot of fun...very H-O-T, but fun =) We started the morning off playing outdoor games, then went to the museum for a program, eat lunch, then tour the museum. Below are some pics of family day:

Jack playing a game of cornhole!

Jack and Wesley got in the humvee's and talked to each other from across the field on the phones.

Jack and Wesley playing a game of baseball.

The wonderfully yummy cake that Wendy (one of the ladies in the FRG) made! She is sooo talented!!! We are so lucky to have her!

Me, Kim, and Patti

Me, Angela (and baby Ava), and Kim

Me with my little brother, Jeremy. In case you did not know, my hubby and brother are in the same unit and will deploy together. They both deployed in 03 (but with different units). This time they will be together. It's difficult having one family member deploy...and even more difficult to have 2. Lots of prayers....

Jack and Gavin posing with the weapons (no worries, they are not loaded)

My family of 4 at the Family day

My sweet hubby

Madeline with her flag craft. I tried to come up with a few craft projects for the kids to make to keep them "quiet" during the program. (It worked for the most part)

Jack with his craft.

Jason and I told the kids last night about the deployment. It went a lot better than the first time we tried to tell them. I will go into detail on another post though...just wanted to let everyone know that the kids now know.

Hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!


navynest said...

It looks like it was a fun time! And that cake looks amazing! I'm hungry now!

Erin said...

It looks like you all had a good time! I think it is really neat what you all do for the soldiers! My husband is in Air Force and we are at a really small base and as far as I know there is nothing like that here. I will be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers though!

navynest said...

PS - I left you a little something on my blog!

Crystal said...

Glad you had such a good family weekend! We missed seeing you all yesterday! And I agree.. the cake looks YUMMY!

USNchic said...

The messages on those bags are so sweet! I would have teared up, too. I can't believe your husband and brother are deploying together! Good luck to you and your family.

Mrs. Wifey said...

Seems like you had a fun time, and they looked like they enjoyed it too.

Nancy said...

You KNOW those two soldiers of yours are already being prayed for daily, along with their whole unit. Those Jack's messages are SO SWEET on the bags! I miss you so much & think about you every single day.
So thankful the talk went better than expected. I can't wait until you get to have the talk that Daddy & Uncle are finally on their way back to ALABAMA!! Love you!

Crystal said...

As always Jessica, I think about your family and Jason leaving all of the time. The Jack's bags made me tear up! That was so thoughtful! It looks like everyone had a great time... and of course the crafts were precious.