Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Part 2

Day 4: A stormy day at the we decided to take the kids to eat and see Toy Story 3. That evening everything cleared up so we took the kids to ride go-carts

Eating lunch at Margaritaville

My mom and me

Jason and the kids waiting in line to ride the go-carts

The kids and I ready to ride

Jack got to ride the kiddie go-carts this year but Madeline did not (she is not quite tall enough)

Day 5:

Jack and Madeline ready for another day

The kids and me

The kids and daddy

Jack loves to get buried in the sand

Love that sweet smile

Boy, that was a lot of fun to clean up

Daddy's turn to get buried

The kids are so proud


Madeline's turn

Madeline splashing around in the water

Jack was so proud of his skim board. It took him a few tries (and lots of falls) but he got it! He had so much fun riding this!

Day 6:

Ready for another full day of fun

Daddy and Madeline

Daddy and Jack

It started to we went to the outlets...which were very crowded

Madeline before we went to eat at Captain Anderson's

Jack before dinner

Headed out for another night swim

Day 7:

Our last full day on the beach...and the sun finally came out

Lil Miss Playing in the sand.

Jack very proud of his sandcastles

The kiddos made some friends on the beach and had the daddy's build a boat in the sand.

Our last night at the beach, going out on a date

Day 8:

The kids on the morning we left to return home.

Whew...finally caught up on vacation...I have so many other blogs to post before I forget them...hope to have those up soon =)

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Christian Mommy Writer said...

Hi Jessica! I figured this was Panama City when I saw the pictures. We used to be stationed there and LOVED IT! The Pier Park addition has been wonderful. We used to enjoy going to Capt. Andersons. Looks like you had a great time!